Ukraine announces missile attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was more successful than expected
  • Ukraine has revised its tally of Russian vessels it said were damaged in attacks over the weekend.

  • It said four Russian ships had been attacked, although an initial statement only mentioned two.

  • Ukraine has targeted Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which Britain said is currently “functionally inactive.”

Ukraine said its weekend attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet was more successful than previously disclosed, damaging two more ships.

The Ukrainian Navy announced on Sunday. They attacked two large Russian amphibious ships, Yamal and Azov, in occupied Crimea. in the attack on Saturday.

But Tuesday’s update said it was also damaged Two other ships: the spy ship Ivan Kurus and the large landing ship Konstantin Olshansky.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense announced that a homemade Neptune anti-ship missile was used in the attack on the Konstantin Olshanskyi.

The ship was seized from Ukraine in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea. Business Insider’s Jake Epstein previously reported.

A Ukrainian navy spokesman said the ship was rendered “inoperable” after the weekend attack. The Moscow Times reported..

Business Insider cannot independently confirm the attack, and it is not clear what condition the vessel is in.

The recently reported attack comes in the wake of a number of attacks by Ukraine on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Britain said last month: 25% of Russian ships in the Black Sea It was sunk, damaged, and destroyed. This is despite the fact that Ukraine does not have a functioning navy of its own.

The UK Defense Secretary said on Sunday following the first update on the Ukrainian attack: The Black Sea Fleet was “functionally inactive.”

Grant Shapps wrote that “President Putin’s continued illegal occupation of Ukraine imposes significant costs on Russia’s currently inactive Black Sea Fleet,” adding, “Russia has “We have been sailing through the Black Sea, but now we are forced to tie up our fleet in ports,” he added. And even there Putin’s ship is sinking! ”

Ukraine used missiles, drones and special forces raids to attack shipping in Sevastopol, Russia’s main Black Sea port on the Crimean peninsula.

In contrast, Russia Moved many ships to safer, more distant ports.

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