eth2 quick update no. 6

Welcome to this week’s article eth2 quick update!Some new eth2 testnets are online and I got them last week all running on my laptop. There’s still a lot of work to do, but this is becoming a reality :).


Comprehensive Phase 0 audit conducted by least privileged authority

We are pleased to announce our upcoming eth2 specification audit. least privilege. this is, eth2 core phase 0 specifications We focus on key items such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, resource misuse attacks that can lead to unintended forks/adversarial chains, network-related attacks, and attacks that impact funds.

Least Authority is a leading authority on mechanism and incentive design, decentralized/distributed systems architecture, and blockchain systems analysis. The Ethereum Foundation has worked with least privilege holders in the past on tasks such as: discv5 audit and Gas economic analysis and proof of workWe are excited about this opportunity to work with them again. A comprehensive security audit is essential to the successful launch of Phase 0, and we look forward to the first report being released in early February.

Lighthouse launches testnet with mainnet configuration

last week, sigma prime The long-awaited release has begun Public Lighthouse testnet.This testnet is impressive Performed mainnet specification configurationat its peak it could easily handle 16815 active validators.

As Sigma Prime said at the launch of this net, “We’re going to start trying to crash this testnet, and I think we’ll probably succeed,” and they succeeded. After recovering from over 100 epochs of non-finality due to two of the validator-heavy nodes going offline, the Sigma Prime team took down the network to fix some bugs and introduce some new optimizations. We have decided to start over and start over again. soon.Please check here after death. As discussed on today’s eth2 call, the team plans to restart the testnet tomorrow and make it available for general availability after initial stability testing.

don’t forget to be Active If you think you have the ability, please join these early testnets. If you have any questions about the documentation, please let us know. If you have trouble compiling, please open an issue. Please correct any typos in the Readme. This applies to all clients and open source software in general. The more we actively give back in this process, the better it is for everyone.

P.S. Sigma Prime is hiring full-time personnel Experienced Rust developer To work on Lighthouse. check it out!

Nimbus integrates native nim-libp2p

Earlier this year, the Ethereum Foundation, Protocol Labs, and Status Co-funded Nimbus grant Create native Nym language Implementation of libp2p. This implementation is In addition to being integrated into the nimbus eth2 client, it was intended to be a p2p networking option for resource-constrained devices.


I’m glad Nimbus was just announced I have integrated this native implementation We’ve incorporated it into our codebase and plan to use it to restart our testnet next week. Due to Nim’s ability to compile concise and efficient code for most computer architectures, this is a major milestone for Nimbus and for the p2p community as a whole. The Nimbus team continues to destroy it. They are truly an engineering powerhouse. All about P2P! adds support for Lighthouse

bit fly’s Open Source eth2 block, just additional support For the lighthouse!Let’s take a look hereHowever, it is currently inactive until Lighthouse restarts the network.

We are very excited to have multiple client implementations onboard and help create a common interface for external software to query and understand the internals of eth2. This tool and others will be critical to monitoring, understanding, and interacting with the testnet and ultimately the mainnet going forward.

Eth2 specification release schedule

eth2 specification version released v0.9.3 –rm signature root and have v0.9.4 Test fixes and network updates are in the queue.these are the last ones v0.9.x A series of minor updates have been made since the unfreezing of Phase 0 in October. These recent spec releases are primarily focused on ensuring that the Phase 0 beacon chain has sufficient flexibility. New Phase 1 Sharding DesignHowever, some cleanups, bug fixes, enhanced testing, and networking updates are also listed in the changelog. Many of these changes were informed and driven by the continued progress of our clients on the testnet and the general readiness of the mainnet.

The next release date is scheduled for early January.this v0.10.0 This release is Incorporating the new BLS standard into the core eth2 specification.of v0.10.x A release series with production-grade BLS will be targeted for final testnet and eventually mainnet releases. There is still work to be done, but there are collective heroic efforts currently underway to address this problem. Please thank (or give funds, tips, etc.) the client team. These engineers are building something truly amazing for all of us :rocket:.

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