Here’s How Much Doge You Need to Become the Top 1% Holder

Dogecoin has been rising rapidly this bullish season. There has also been talk about the future of Dogecoin, with the cryptocurrency becoming the core of trading activity these days.according to coin market cap, Doge is up nearly 34% in the last month. Trading at $0.18, Doge’s value is poised to rise in the future due to its solid meme currency status.

Dogecoin’s value is primarily determined by its strong user base, which helps establish the coin’s value proposition. Various crypto platforms are already predicting a bright future price increase and progress for Dogecoin as a stable future path awaits.

The surge in Dogecoin accumulation has already begun. Here’s how much doge an average investor needs to be in the top 1% doge.

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Dogecoin Elite: Top 1% Club

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The world of cryptocurrencies is full of mysteries. Being in the realm of finance, there is an element of status and prestige creeping into this field. The term Dogecoin Elite simply refers to the top 1% of Doge holders who drive the momentum of the token.

According to a recent post by X, there are currently 100,000 Doge tokens stored in approximately 38,371 wallets, making them the top 1% of Doge holders, aka the Doge elite.

Doge’s growing popularity proves its strong potential as a robust crypto coin. Doge, who launched the meme currency, reported amazing statistics and the value of the token, quickly becoming one of the leading coins to take the crypto space by storm.

Dogecoin April price prediction

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Source: Watcher Guru

Dogecoin continues to weather the ongoing cryptocurrency market storm, battling competitors with notable price drops and spikes.

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According to crypto analysis platform coin codexthe token may experience a slight price decline in April before entering a bullish phase.

“Based on these Dogecoin predictions, DOGE will re-trade at $0.190594 on April 9, 2024, losing -1.13% in the process.”

but, Changely Dozier predicts a 5% surge in April 2024.

“Based on Dogecoin’s price movements in early 2023, crypto experts expect Dogecoin’s average rate in April 2024 to be $0.205. Its minimum and maximum prices are $0.188 and $0.222, respectively. It is expected.”

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