Emmanuel Macron says Russia is trying to undermine the tournament

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, Russia is waging a disinformation campaign to undermine the Paris Olympics.

At the inauguration of the new Olympic Aquatics Center, reporters asked if he thought Russia was targeting the Olympics.

“Without a doubt,” he said, “that includes the field of information.

“[Russia]is putting out a story every day that we can’t do this or that, so[the Olympics]will be in jeopardy.”

The French government has announced that Russia has recently stepped up its propaganda attacks against France, using fake accounts on social media to spread rumors and disinformation.

This follows Macron’s policy shift. Harder policy on Ukraine warIn response, he no longer refuses to exclude the possibility of eventually sending French troops to the Kiev side.

France has Russian intelligence The back of the Israeli Star of David painted on a wall in Paris After the October 7 Hamas attack, it was interpreted as an attempt to inflame divisions within France.

A network of Russian-created websites called Portal Combat spread false stories, including that French mercenaries were already stationed in Ukraine and that Macron had canceled a trip to Kiev over fears of an assassination attempt. accused of suspicion.

President Macron and other officials watch synchronized swimmers in the pool

President Macron and other officials watch synchronized swimmers during the inauguration of the Olympic Aquatics Center [Reuters]

later Crocus City Hall terrorist incident On Wednesday, the defense ministers of France and Russia held an unusual telephone exchange near Moscow.

Macron said this was because France had intelligence from the Islamic State group in Afghanistan that could help Russia learn more about the alleged attackers.

In his explanation of the meeting, French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecorne said that he was concerned about Russia’s claim that Kiev was behind the attack on Crocus City Hall (which France claims there is no evidence of). He said he had informed Minister Sergei Shoigu.

However, in an explanation of the telephone conversation, Shoigu said, “The Kiev regime will not do anything without the approval of Western observers. I hope so.”

Asked about Shoigu’s comments on Thursday, Macron said they were “bizarre, threatening and…ridiculous.”

The president acknowledged for the first time that there are alternative plans for the Olympic opening ceremony in July if the terrorist threat worsens.

The July 26 ceremony is currently scheduled to take place on a boat on the Seine, with more than 300,000 people watching from the quay. But experts have warned that this opportunity poses a high risk of a terrorist attack.

“We are ready,” Macron said. “We have prepared several scenarios. If the threat evolves, if we decide that the situation calls for it, we have backup scenarios in place.”

Macron also gave support to popular French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura, who has been mentioned as a candidate to perform at the opening ceremony. Critics of the far right in French politics argue that the language in her songs is often crude and difficult to understand, making her a poor ambassador.

“She speaks to many people and I believe she has every right to be present at the opening and closing ceremonies of the convention,” the president said.

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