Aid lifeline reaches Darfur region to avert ‘famine catastrophe’ — Global Issues

“united nations United Nations WFP They succeeded in bringing desperately needed food and nutritional supplies to Darfur.first United Nations WFP We need support to reach war-torn areas within the next few months,” Leni Kinzli said. United Nations WFP Sudanese communications officer.

The convoy entered Sudan from Chad in late March with enough food and nutritional supplies for 250,000 people facing severe hunger in northern, western and central Darfur.

Requires constant flow rate

Despite this welcome development, a UN agency spokesperson said the country’s He warned that support would be cut off. The hunger catastrophe will get worse.

Last month, WFP Executive Director Cindy McCain He warned that the war in Sudan risks triggering the world’s worst hunger crisis unless families in Sudan and those who have fled to South Sudan and Chad receive desperately needed food aid.

This requires free access, rapid clearance and funding to deliver a humanitarian response that meets the enormous needs of civilians affected by devastating wars.

humanitarian interests

Ensuring safe and continued aid access to Darfur has been ‘extremely difficult’” explained WFP’s Ms. Kinsuri, adding that the situation was further complicated by the decision of the Sudanese military commander based in Port Sudan to deny permission to humanitarian workers seeking to reach Darfur from Chad. Ta.

delayed response

“Intense fighting, lack of security, and lengthy authorizations by parties to the conflict are delaying the distribution of this aid.” We want to reach people in need,” Kinsuri insisted. “WFP and our partners urgently need security guarantees and conflict resolution to distribute supplies to people in North Darfur who are struggling to find even one basic meal a day. is.”

The United Nations agency reported on Friday. Last week, 37 trucks carrying 1,300 tons of supplies crossed the street. Food distribution from Adre, Chad to West Darfur was said to be underway in West Darfur and Central Darfur.

Last year, WFP assisted one million people in western and central Darfur with food shipped through Chad’s Adre border.

Another 16 trucks carrying around 580 tonnes of supplies entered North Darfur from the Tina border crossing in Chad on March 23, according to WFP.

A few days later, six additional trucks carrying 260 tonnes of food arrived in the region from Port Sudan, with first aid supplies to be transported across the conflict zone within six months.

But the U.N. agency said “heavy fighting, lack of security and prolonged authorization by the parties to the conflict” had led to delays in distributing this aid.

Geneina in danger

“It is unclear whether we will continue to have regular access to cross-border transportation. [route] This is extremely important as West Darfur is one of the most food insecure areas in Sudan,” said a WFP official.

This is especially true in Juneina, the capital of West Darfur state, where “a large number of vulnerable women” attacked one of the distribution centers, the UN agency said.Desperate because there wasn’t enough food for everyone”.

For the past four to five years, Geneina has also been the place where “we see the highest levels of hunger during famine season,” Kinzli said.

Hunger has reached record levels in Sudan due to a war between rival generals that broke out last April. 18 million people face acute malnutrition. According to global food security experts, 1.7 million people in Darfur are already living at emergency level of hunger (IPC4).

“If we cannot use that particular corridor (from Adore to West Darfur) and continue to use it and scale up through that corridor…the people of West Darfur who are bearing the brunt of this conflict. What will happen? Who is in an unimaginable situation? said Ms Kinsuri of WFP.

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