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Over the past few months, we have been coordinating with a talented team. ether card We will be delivering an NFT-based on-chain ticketing solution to the Ethereum community in time for Devcon5.

The experiment will be conducted in two parts: a raffle and an auction, with the proceeds going to be donated. Devcon Scholars Program It will be held soon. This year we are putting 100 tickets into the raffle and 50 tickets into the auction, and next year we plan to expand the availability of on-chain ticket sales options.

The draw will begin on August 22nd at 5pm GMT. Links to the raffle and auction can be found at: Once the sale starts.

Obviously a fair sale

Lottery: August 22nd-24th

Proven to be fair, this sale works like a lottery. Anyone can submit a deal at any time during the two-day sale. Once the 48-hour window ends, the system will reveal who can pick up the ticket.

To prevent you from submitting too many transactions to increase your chances, 2% will be deducted from each non-winning transaction. This is to encourage those with more funds to use the auction instead. In our next post, we will outline a process to help the community decide how best to use these proceeds to benefit the Ethereum ecosystem.

Unsuccessful transactions will be refunded after the sale ends, minus a 2% “Sybil Resistance Fee.”

ticket auction

Bidding: August 27th to August 29th (Announcement: August 30th to September 2nd)

This auction is modeled after the ENS Domain Registration Silent Auction. Bids are submitted blind over a 48-hour period and must be made public once the bidding period ends. We chose this system to avoid potential bidding wars. After the publication period ends, unpublished bids will be invalid.

This year, we wanted to build a variety of systems. Increase the resilience of your ticketing process and demonstrate the power of Ethereum and open source community projects.. This is also an experiment aimed at gauging the level of participation when processes require direct interaction with on-chain mechanisms, giving users the option of fiat payments or payments via exchange addresses. It is also an experiment that gives We are excited to experiment with these two on-chain mechanisms as part of this diversification.

After these two sales, the final opportunity to win tickets will come in the form of an appeal round, where unredeemed builders, students, and sponsors tickets will be redistributed through an online application process. The quantity available for appeals is not yet predictable. Also, get your tickets through a lottery or auction if possible, as they will only be distributed a month before the conference.

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