Tattoos can spread information about Sarawak, says Snowdan

Kuching: Kuching International Tattoo Expo has the potential to become an even bigger event in the future.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industries and Performing Arts Datuk Snowdan Lawang said tattoos from different ethnic groups were exhibited through the expo and were now well known to others.

“Sarawak tattoos are very unique. It is our Sarawak identity. And we have to show it to the world, tattoo designs by Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and others. I’m proud.

“I know that some of the European friends I met that day had Iban tattoos on their bodies. And I was very happy that they decided to get Iban tattoos on their bodies. I’m happy. They will spread it all over the world and automatically become Sarawak’s ambassadors,” he said.

He said this at the opening ceremony of the Kuching International Tattoo Expo held at the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) Hall here on Saturday, April 6.

Therefore, Snowdan said the ministry would continue to support the event and suggested that it should be held on a larger scale next time.

“For larger events, you can use the Borneo Convention Center Kuching (BCCK). It might host the International Tattoo Congress, Tattoo Exhibition, World Tattoo Congress, etc.

“Why not? Because Sarawak is now on the world map. That’s why this is so important and we want more people to come to Sarawak.”

“Of course, today it’s not just about tattoos. At the same time, I’m also learning about Sarawakian culture,” he said.

There will be 45 tattoo booths participating in the Kuching International Tattoo Expo, which concludes on Sunday (April 7).

The expo attracted not only domestic and foreign tattoo artists, but also domestic and foreign tattoo enthusiasts.

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