DOGE Developer Drops Key Clarity on Elon Musk Grok AI’s Dogecoin Revelation


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The Grok AI revelations about RadioDoge have once again put Dogecoin in the spotlight. RadioDoge is a project focused on preparing the Dogecoin ecosystem for rapid grassroots adoption.

However, amid the buzz and speculation surrounding Grok AI’s statement, Dogecoin core developer Michi Lumin came forward and provided important clarity on the matter.

To put things in perspective, the Dogecoin community has noticed that SpaceX is launching Dogecoin nodes into space connected to Starlink satellites to extend the reach of the Dogecoin network to remote locations where traditional internet infrastructure is not available. I noticed a post by Grok AI that claims: The initiative claimed to be part of the RadioDoge project.

Elon Musk’s involvement with Dogecoin has greatly contributed to the popularity of the cryptocurrency. As a result of this partnership, posts by Grok, an artificial intelligence chatbot owned by Elon Musk, seem to be gaining traction.

Dogecoin core developer amidst speculative excitement Michi Lumin We point out some inconsistencies in the facts presented by Grok on RadioDoge and emphasize the need to rely on reliable sources of information.

“We want everyone to know that this is an AI bot that writes what it asks, and is not something that should be used as a source of information by anyone. In this case, the bot uses some related words. ” Lumin wrote, clarifying that RadioDoge is currently only a terrestrial network.

radio doge dogecoin foundation Aimed at grassroots adoption of Dogecoin, the project focuses on using cheap and reliable wireless technology (HF/LoRaWAN) in conjunction with the global Starlink satellite network, allowing traditional internet infrastructure to Enabling unreachable people access to Dogecoin at scale and cheaply deployable.

In 2023, RadioDoge achieved a major milestone by facilitating the first Dogecoin transaction without the internet. This year will see continued development of the RadioDoge network and exploration of new use cases.

Towards 2024 Roadmap Powered by the Dogecoin Foundation, the RadioDoge network is being developed by volunteer node operators, with group participation in emerging economies being sought for pilot deployment.

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