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Kuching: Where your skin becomes your canvas and your ink creates vibrant art. The 2024 Kuching International Tattoo Expo is a testament to the boundless imagination and skill of tattoo artists around the world.

Pushing the frontiers of artistic expression in this place of skill, passion and ingenuity, 45 local and international tattoo artists will gather at the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) Hall from April 5th to 7th. Masu.

Maxen Japon is creating tattoos for regular customers

Maxen Japon, a tattoo artist at Lunatic Tattooer, said this is not his first exhibition, but it probably won’t be his last, as he has been participating in exhibitions regularly since 2016.

At this expo, he worked on tattoos for patrons while showing off his expertise in American Old School and tattoo style engravings to the New Sarawak Tribune.

“The time it takes to create a tattoo varies depending on the size and design.

“In some cases, small tattoos with intricate details can take longer to complete than larger tattoos with less detail. So it all comes down to the level of detail and complexity of the design.” Maxen explained.

He added that he does a lot of lining, shading, and coloring in his tattoo designs, and that his realistic designs tend to use a lot of layers.

“Modern tattoo guns are quieter and less intimidating than older tattoo guns. Like the tattoo gun here, mine has five needles, which create more rounded shadows. ” Maksen said before continuing with the tattoo he was working on.

He offered valuable advice to aspiring tattoo artists, recommending that they watch videos on YouTube for inspiration and consider finding a mentor to start their career in a tattoo studio.

Nagaia of Rakta Dhatu Tatu, who has been working as a tattoo artist for the past five years, is also participating in the expo.

The studio is made up of five tattoo artists, each specializing in a different style, with Nagaia specializing in the detailed art of Iban Pua Kumbuh style tattoos.

She jokingly advised those considering getting their first tattoo not to think too much about getting one.

“I think style is more important, so when a client comes to us for a consultation, I show them the artist profile and they choose a style that is relevant to them.

Mandy (right) and Min (left) from Needle Wanderers

“Once they decide, we discuss placing it somewhere that won’t hurt too much,” she explains.

Nagaia added that she prefers to meet clients in person at the studio so she can better understand what they want.

Rakta Dhatu Tatu has proactively created printed aftercare instructions for its clients to ensure the quality of their tattoos.

“In some cases, customers may not remember all the aftercare steps we have explained to them, so we provide them with a printed guide and a small cube of cream that they should not share with anyone. I am emphasizing that there is no.

“This helps prevent cross-contamination that can affect the tattoo,” explains Nagaia as she introduces the aftercare products she offers to her customers.

Meanwhile, attending the first-ever Expo, Ming and Mandy are the dynamic duo behind Needle Wanderers, brought together by a shared love of tattoos.

“When it comes to style, we like our clients to share their ideas and designs with us to create personalized pieces.

“We focus on creating custom designs to add a very personal touch to each individual’s tattoo,” Min explained.

The girls also gave advice to those getting tattooed for the first time, saying that stress can increase your heart rate, which can affect blood circulation and make the tattooing process painful, so don’t worry about the process. He encouraged them to remain calm throughout.

“Generally, people experience nervousness before getting a tattoo, but often relax as the process progresses. At that point, we want to have a conversation to help them feel calm and comfortable. ,” Min said.

Mandy emphasized the importance of aftercare to maintain tattoo quality and provided tips to prevent potential damage to tattoo quality.

“Some people may find their newly tattooed skin itchy, but it’s important to resist the urge to scratch and treat your new tattoo like a scar. Avoid scratching. This will help maintain cleanliness and appearance,” Mandy advised.

The 2024 Kuching International Tattoo Expo, co-hosted by Skrang Tattoo Studio and Inkzation Tattoo Studio, was hosted by Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industries and Performing Arts Datuk Snowdan Lawang on Saturday, April 6.

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