Take advantage of free education, Harden tells young people

Simangan: Sarawak youths are urged to seize the upcoming opportunity of free education at state government-owned tertiary institutions.

Deputy Minister of Education, Innovation and Human Resource Development Datuk Francis Harden-Hollis said: “It is vital that young people seize this opportunity by 2026, when the state government implements free education in Sarawak-owned universities. Deaf,” he said.

“Young people in Sarawak can take advantage of this opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations without financial constraints, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to contribute effectively to their communities and wider society. Should.

“This is a critical time for future generations to understand and maximize the benefits of this transformative policy,” he said.

He was speaking after witnessing the oath-taking ceremony of the Malaysian Youth Movement (YMM) Simangan branch for the 2024-2026 session held here on Saturday night.

A total of 25 newly elected YMM committee members, led by Chairman Lim Thian Yee, took the oath, pledging to serve the community and uphold the organization’s values.

Mr. Harden, who is also a member of the Simangan City Council, urged them to carry out their duties with diligence and dedication.

He emphasized the importance of their role as leaders within their communities, encouraging them to usher in positive change and serve as advocates for the needs and aspirations of young people.

Mr Harden also highlighted the rich diversity that characterizes Sarawak and stressed the importance of promoting intercultural unity and cooperation.

He called on committee members to transform their efforts into concrete initiatives that address the challenges facing young people, including access to education, employment opportunities and personal development.

He also emphasized the importance of aligning organizational efforts with government policies to strengthen quality human capital.

At the event, Mr Harden approved a grant of RM5,000 from his Minor Rural Projects (MRP) fund to YMM’s Simangan branch.

Also present were YMM Sarawak Chairman Tan Chun Han, Sri Aman District Warikota, Anthony Abel Chendan, Temenggong Kwe Aik Seng and Penful Leonard Libau.

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