Binance’s BNB Predicted To Hit New All-Time High: Here’s When

Binance’s BNB token seems to be stabilizing at its current level, having fallen 0.7% on the daily chart, but rising 1% last week. Furthermore, this asset has gained 19.8% on the monthly chart and is up over 87% since April 2023.

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Despite a lackluster performance over the past few weeks, BNB could hit new all-time highs.

Will Binance’s BNB hit an all-time high?

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BNB is currently down 14.8% from its all-time high of $686.31 reached in May 2021. However, BNB could regain its 2021 highs later this month, according to CoinCodex. The platform predicts that Binance’s BNB token will reach $713.04 on April 25, 2024. To reach $713.04 from current levels would represent a growth of approximately 22.07%.

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Additionally, CoinCodex expects BNB to rise above its 2021 high and reach $742.77 on April 27, 2024. Reaching $742.77 from current levels would represent approximately 27.16% growth.

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Changely He also has a bullish outlook on Binance’s BNB token. The platform expects BNB to reach $713.58 on April 23, 2024. Additionally, Changelly predicts that BNB will reach a peak price of $744.33 in April and could reach it on April 26, 2024. Reaching $744.33 from current levels would lead to growth. Approximately 27.43%. However, Changeley expects BNB to face a slight correction after reaching $744.33.

Binance’s bullish outlook on BNB could be due to Bitcoin (BTC) halving later this month. BTC could surge to new highs, triggering a market-wide rally. In such a scenario, other altcoins like BNB could soar to new heights.

Furthermore, according to some information, report According to CCData, Binance had the highest volume of spot and derivatives trading over the past three years. This development may have helped the token’s bullish outlook.

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