How to Play Poker Online: Best Betting Sites in Malaysia

Poker is, by far, one of the most iconic and popular casino games around. It is both watched and played all around the world and, as in so many other countries, online poker in Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, the Philippines, and Indonesia is absolutely enormous. In this article, ‘How to Play Poker’,  you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to start playing online poker in Asia for yourself. We’ll list the best online poker sites in Malaysia, explain how the most popular variants work, give you tips on making money from playing poker online in Malaysia, and plenty more besides. With our help, you’ll learn how to maximize your real-money online poker bonuses and join safe and reliable online poker sites.

Top Online Poker Sites Compared in 2024

Among a multitude of poker options, we’ve selected the best ones with licences and the best bonuses on live casinos.

  1. 1xBet: Boost your balance with a Welcome Bonus. Insert BONUSMY while registering and get 130% on betting.
  2. M88: Great variety of options to play poker in Asia.
  3. Me88:  Best offers on Live Casino Games.
  4. Maxim88: Multiple Free Bets on Card Games.
  5. Dafabet: Top Casino Stud & Caribbean Stud Poker.

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How to play poker in a nutshell: a game in brief

Poker is an incredibly popular game that’s super easy to learn but difficult to master. Don’t worry—we’ll break down this strategic card game into a simple step-by-step guide. You’ll find a ton of variations of poker, but Texas Hold’em is the most popular. Getting started in a card game involves two key steps:

Blinds: Before each round, two players make small mandatory bets, known as ‘blinds,’ to initiate the pot. The main differences between the small blind and the big blind in poker are their amount and the position of the players who must post them. The small blind is posted by the player directly to the left of the dealer (or the dealer button in casino and online play). The big blind is posted by the player to the left of the small blind.

These positions rotate around the table with each new hand, ensuring that every player takes turns posting each blind.

Cards: Each participant receives two private cards, referred to as “hole cards,” dealt face down. These cards are personal to each player and are the foundation of their strategy for the round. Your strategy starts with understanding the potential of your cards. Are your cards likely to form a winning combination?

How to Play Poker online casinos malaysia

Basic Poker Rules for New Players

Poker can seem complicated, but the basics are actually quite easy! You play against other players, not the dealer. The goal is to have the best 5-card hand at the showdown (explained later) or make your opponents fold (give up their cards).

best betting sites online poker rules

  1. Check: To pass the action to the next player without putting money into the pot. Checking is only possible if there have been no bets in the current betting round.
  2. Bet: To put chips into the pot. This action is available if no one has bet before you in the current betting round. Once a bet is made, other players must call, raise, or fold to continue in the hand.
  3. Call: To match the amount of the largest bet made so far in the current betting round. Calling is a way to stay in the hand without raising the stakes.
  4. Raise: To increase the size of the current bet. A raise must be at least equal to the largest bet made so far in the current betting round. Other players must call the raise, re-raise, or fold.
  5. Fold: To discard one’s hand and forfeit interest in the current pot. Players choose to fold when they believe their hand is too weak to compete against the others.
  6. All-In: To bet all remaining chips. Players go all-in when they want to bet everything they have. If an all-in bet or raise is called by more than one player, a side pot is created, which the all-in player cannot win.
  7. Re-raise (or 3-bet): This is a raise after a bet and at least one raise have already been made in the same betting round. It’s a powerful move that can be used for both bluffing and value betting with a strong hand.

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Reviews of the Top Real Money Online Poker Casinos in Malaysia

We’ve meticulously researched the gambling arena in Asia and compiled a list of the best bookmakers for playing poker.

1xBet: Top Online Casino

1xBet is a well-rounded gambling site with a dedicated poker section. You can either download a client to play here, or simply do so through your browser. Both Texas hold’em poker online and Omaha are available and can be enjoyed in individual games or tournaments. Everygame also offers excellent mobile poker games, a smattering of poker-related offers, and an excellent VIP program.

poker betting sites for malaysian poker players


  • Very good on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Enjoy big-time ongoing promotions
  • Lots of poker tournaments to join
  • Welcome Bonus


1xbet promo code Malaysia

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Not only sports betting, but amazing poker options are available for all players and poker fans in Malaysia and otherr Asian countries. Make a deposit of $10 in cryptocurrency and get a match up to $25,000 on live casino games. What card games you can play there? At M88 Casino betting begins with 5 Card Poker, Aces and faces Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe, High and Hold’em, Hold’em Poker, In Between Poker, Joker Poker (MH), Russian Poker, Three Card Poker, Three Card Poker Deluxe.

best poker betting sites in malaysia


  • Simplistic navigation
  • Great choice of card games
  • Acceptance of Malaysian currency
  • Constant promotions
  • Functional M88 App


Not found

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Maxim88 is a well-known name in Malaysia’s gaming industry. Our attention caught Extreme Texas Hold’em. It’s often shortened to Hold’em, the undisputed king of poker variations. Its blend of strategy, chance, and psychology has captured the hearts (and wallets) of millions worldwide. Gambling games are facilitated by leading professionals in the field, enhancing the overall experience.

how to play poker hold'em texas best betting sites in malaysia

The Maxim88 Casino has regular free bets on card games such as blackjack, and other games. So, grab your chance and start betting today!

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Play Texas Hold’em at Maxim88


A reputable casino in the world of gambling, Me88 is your to-g0 destination to access top-class poker games from reputable providers such as Playtech and Evolution Gaming. With the professional hosts of live poker games, you can also test your luck with your friends and host the game yourself. We know that experienced players would never miss a chance to get extra money to play. Here is the thing! Me88 gives away a wonderful welcome bonus of up to 228% on live casinos. The minimum deposit is only MYR 50. Grab your golden ticket and win real money!

best betting sites malaysia how to play poker online

What do we like about Me88? Banking options are fully compatible with the preferences of Malaysian poker players. You can choose between e-wallets Grab, Touch N’Go, Duitnow and bank transfers.

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Get to enjoy the best lot, albeit a select few, of the bunch when it comes to the range of poker options on offer—only at the world’s most trusted platform, Dafabet. Enjoy only superior-quality gaming and fun entertainment. What makes the difference? It offers quite a range of bonuses, from the point of depositing your first money one goes through, ranging from free spins, extra cash, and even huge cashback opportunities, among many more

best betting sites to play poker

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Play Poker at DAFABET

How We Found the Best Sites for Players in Malaysia

All of the online poker sites in Malaysia we’ve recommended here qualify as all-rounders, with each providing a safe, modern, and versatile experience for enjoying Malaysian online poker.

What Makes a Good Malaysian Poker Room?

In the Wild West of online poker, finding a trustworthy and enjoyable room is crucial. We recommend that you pay attention to the key features that define a good online poker room:

Factor Description Why It Matters
Trustworthiness & Security Valid license, strong reputation, robust security measures Protects your financial information and personal data.
Player Traffic Large player pool offering various games, stakes & tournaments Ensures game availability at your preferred times and skill level.
Fair Game Play Anti-cheating policies, measures against collusion & bots Creates a level playing field for all players.
Software Quality User-friendly, reliable, visually appealing interface Enhances your gameplay experience and keeps things running smoothly.
Rake & Rakeback Lower rake percentages, rewarding rakeback programs Maximizes your winnings by keeping more money at the table.
Bonus Offers & Promotions Freerolls, deposit match bonuses, loyalty programs Provides additional value and opportunities to win.
Customer Support Responsive and helpful team with multiple channels (live chat, email, phone) Ensures prompt resolution of any issues you encounter.


play poker online, best betting sites to play poker malaysia

Before diving in, take a quick glance and compare the terms and conditions for some of the online poker rooms. Review ratings made by players and visit some online forums to see what is on offer. Weigh all the choices carefully, and the perfect online poker room to learn the game while having fun is just around the corner.

Mobile Poker in Malaysia

Mobile poker is exactly the thing that should get more players excited about the game and gambling in general. It makes it easier and more affordable than ever to become involved with. Players who own a mobile device can enjoy playing online at major poker sites without ever purchasing a computer if they don’t own one already. You can move around from location to location while enjoying the games freely. There’s something exciting about being able to play poker in any room of your home. It’s simple to take part in poker using mobile promotions on the go.

best poker online betting sites malaysia

All the poker betting sites mentioned in this article provide high-class gaming on mobile devices. Usability is highly dependent on your own preferences, so before committing to playing Malaysian online poker on a specific site, we recommend using it extensively. Check that Malaysian online poker games load quickly, that crashes are minimal or non-existent, and so on.

Betting Limits Explained

Betting limits dictate the rules around the amounts players can bet and raise. Generally, poker games fall into one of three categories based on their betting structure: no limit, pot limit, or fixed limit.

No Limit: In no limit poker, players have the freedom to bet or raise by any amount, up to their entire chip stack, at any point during a betting round when it’s their turn.

Pot Limit: Pot limit games restrict players to betting or raising by any amount not exceeding the current size of the pot.

Fixed Limit: Fixed limit poker sets predetermined amounts for bets and raises, which remain consistent throughout the game. These amounts are established before the game begins and apply to each betting round.

For both No Limit and Pot Limit games, the “Stakes” section in the PokerStars lobby shows the small blind and big blind values. In Mixed Games, the stakes listed represent the betting amounts for the limit games within the mix. During the Pot Limit and No Limit rounds of these games, blinds are typically half the size of those in the limit rounds.

Basic Omaha Poker: A Guide to Basic Rules

Omaha, a captivating cousin of Texas Hold’em, offers a thrilling twist on community card poker. Here’s a breakdown of the essentials to get you started:

Hand Basics:

  • Cards Dealt: Unlike Texas Hold’em’s two hole cards, Omaha deals you four hole cards face down. This opens up a wider range of hand possibilities.

  • Making Your Best Hand: During the showdown, you must use exactly two of your four hole cards and exactly three of the five community cards dealt face up on the table (flop, turn, and river) to create your best five-card poker hand.

Betting Rounds:

Omaha follows a similar betting structure to Texas Hold’em, with pre-flop, flop, turn, and river betting rounds. Players can choose to fold, call, raise, or check depending on their hand strength and the pot odds.

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A Guide to Omaha Poker and Community Card Games

Poker offers a rich tapestry of games, each with its own twist on strategy and excitement. Two popular variations that utilize community cards are Omaha and its close relative, Texas Hold’em. Here’s a breakdown of their key features:

Omaha Poker:

Omaha is a thrilling game that combines elements of strategy and hand selection with the shared benefits of community cards. Here’s how it works:

  • Dealing: Each player receives four hole cards dealt face down.
  • Community Cards: Five community cards are dealt face up in the center of the table. These are shared by all players and can be used to form their best five-card hand.
  • Hand Building: Unlike Hold’em where you use only two of your hole cards, Omaha requires you to use exactly two of your hole cards and exactly three of the community cards to create your best five-card hand. This opens up a wider range of hand possibilities.
  • Betting Rounds: Similar to Hold’em, there are typically pre-flop, flop, turn, and river betting rounds. Players can bet, call, raise, or fold based on the strength of their hand and the perceived actions of opponents.
  • Showdown: If multiple players remain after the final betting round, they reveal their hands. The player with the highest-ranking five-card hand using exactly two hole cards and three community cards wins the pot.

Community card games, like Omaha and Hold’em, share the core mechanic of using a central set of community cards available to all players. This adds a layer of shared information and strategic decision-making compared to games with solely hole cards. By understanding the mechanics of Omaha and the core concepts of community card games, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying these exciting poker variations. Remember, practice, patience, and sound strategic thinking are key to mastering these games!

Top Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em stands as the world’s most popular and well-known poker game. The majority of cash games, tournaments, and home poker games around the world are Texas Hold’em games. Texas Hold’em, the undisputed king of community card poker has captivated players worldwide. It’s a game that rewards strategic thinking, calculated risks, and a cool head under pressure. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious beginner, here’s a breakdown of the top strategies to elevate your Texas Hold’em gameplay

Pre-Flop Fundamentals:

  • Starting Hand Selection: This is crucial. Focus on strong starting hands like high pocket pairs, suited connectors (cards of consecutive ranks in the same suit), and high cards suited (two unpaired high cards of the same suit). Tighten up your hand selection in early positions and loosen up as you move closer to the dealer button.
  • Positional Awareness: Understanding your position at the table is key. Players closer to the button have an advantage as they see how others have acted before making their decisions.

Post-Flop Play:

  • Pot Odds and Implied Odds: Master these concepts. Pot odds refer to the ratio between the amount you need to call and the size of the pot. Implied odds consider the potential future value of your hand based on potential card combinations that could improve it. Use these calculations to make informed decisions about calling, raising, or folding.
  • Bet Sizing: The size of your bets can convey information about your hand strength. Smaller bets can be used to “feel out” opponents, while larger bets can represent aggression or a strong hand.
  • Reading the Board and Your Opponents: Pay close attention to the community cards and how your opponents react to them. This helps you gauge their potential hand strength and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Cash Game Stakes

Navigating the world of poker cash games can be confusing for beginners, especially when it comes to stakes. Cash games are defined by buy-in (starting chip amount) and betting limits (how much you can raise or bet). Common structures include No-Limit (any amount allowed), Pot-Limit (can’t exceed the current pot), and Fixed-Limit (predetermined bets). Choosing your game involves considering your bankroll size (buy-in shouldn’t be a huge chunk), skill level (start low and build up), and playing style (fixed-limit for methodical, no-limit for aggressive). By understanding these factors and observing the game before diving in, you can select a cash game stake that’s both enjoyable and suitable for your bankroll and poker skills.

Poker-hand rankings

In most poker games, players are tasked with trying to make the best five-card poker hands using standard poker hand rankings. The following hand rankings apply to most poker variants, aside from the few games that use lowball hand rankings. The best poker hand is a royal flush, the second-strongest hand is a straight flush, and so on down the list, until you get to high card, the lowest hand ranking. Royal flushes and straight flushes, along with four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, flushes, and straights, often represent the best hand when a showdown commences.

Best Poker online casinos. Poker Hands Rankings

  1. Royal flush.
  2. Straight flush.
  3. Four of a kind.
  4. Full house.
  5. Flush.
  6. Straight.
  7. Three of a kind.
  8. Two pair.
  9. Pair.
  10. High card.

Forced bets

In poker, forced bets are mandatory wagers placed by certain players at the beginning of the betting round, before any cards are dealt. These bets serve two key purposes:

  1. Seeding the pot: Forced bets create a starting pot of money, which incentivizes players to stay in the hand and compete for the pot. Without them, there would be no initial pot to win, and players might be less likely to play their hands.
  2. Initiating action: Forced bets jumpstart the betting process, prompting players to make decisions about their hands. This adds a layer of strategy and keeps the game moving.

    Types of Forced Bets

There are two main types of forced bets in poker:

  • Blinds: These are bets placed by two players to the left of the dealer button. The player to the left of the button posts the small blind, which is typically half the minimum bet for the round. The player two seats to the left of the button posts the big blind, which is usually double the small blind. Blinds rotate clockwise around the table after each hand.How to play poker online best casinos. Blinds, Antes & Poker Rules
  • Antes: An ante is a small forced bet placed by all players at the table before receiving any cards. The amount of the ante can vary depending on the game and the stakes. Unlike blinds, antes don’t move around the table.

By requiring these forced bets, online poker keeps the game running smoothly, adds a layer of strategic decision-making for players (especially considering blind positions), and ensures there’s always something to fight for in the pot.

Poker: Betting options

Poker has a dynamic betting structure that allows players to wager strategically throughout the hand. It offers a variety of betting options that allow players to showcase their hand strength, control the pot size, and potentially bluff opponents.

Option Description Purpose
Fold Discard your hand and forfeit any further action in the current pot. This is chosen when you believe your hand is too weak to win or the potential cost of continuing outweighs the potential reward.
Call Match the highest current bet made by any other player at the table. Calling allows you to stay in the hand and see the next card(s) or betting round. You might call with a strong hand you want to build the pot on or with a weaker hand you suspect might improve or have the potential to win based on pot odds.
Raise Increase the current bet amount, forcing other players to either call your raise (match your new bet) or fold. Raising can be used to build the pot with a strong hand, scare away weaker hands, or test the strength of your opponents’ holdings.
Check If no bet has been made yet in the current betting round, you can choose to “check” and pass the action to the next player in clockwise order. Checking allows you to see if other players will bet first, potentially revealing information about their hands, before committing any chips.
All-In Bet all your remaining chips in the pot. Going all-in is a powerful move that forces other players to either call your bet with all their chips or fold. It can be used with a very strong hand to try and win the pot immediately or as a bluff to scare away opponents.

Seven Card Stud

In stud-poker games, players are dealt their cards one by one in a specified combination of face-up and face-down cards, typically with a round of betting between each card being dealt. In Stud poker, a crucial aspect of “Start Slow” is prioritizing hands with strong starting face-up cards. Look for high pairs, suited connectors (cards of consecutive rank in the same suit), or high cards suited to the community cards (cards dealt face-up in the center of the table).

Be Wary of Chasing: Stud can be tempting because players see their cards progressively. However, avoid chasing a strong hand based solely on potential. If your face-up cards aren’t promising, it’s usually better to fold and wait for a stronger starting hand.

Draw Poker

Known as Five-Card Draw, is a classic poker variant perfect for beginners. It’s a simple, yet strategic game that allows you to develop your core poker skills in a fun and accessible way. Famous varieties include: five-card draw.

  1. Dealing: Each player is dealt five cards face down.
  2. Betting Round: Starting to the dealer’s left, players can bet, check, or fold based on the strength of their hand or their strategy.
  3. Drawing Cards: Players remaining in the hand can choose to discard any number of their cards and draw new ones in an attempt to improve their hand. This is done in turn, starting from the dealer’s left.
  4. Final Betting Round: After the draw, there’s another round of betting, starting with the first player to the dealer’s left who is still in the hand. Players can again bet, check, or fold.
  5. Showdown: If there are two or more players left after the final betting round, they reveal their cards. The player with the best five-card poker hand wins the pot.

The beauty of draw poker lies in its simplicity and the element of strategy in deciding which cards to keep and which to replace.

Start Slow

“Starting slow” in poker refers to a strategy where a player begins a game or a hand by playing conservatively, betting small, or even checking and calling rather than betting aggressively. This approach is often used for several reasons: to observe opponents, to set the trap, to manage the bankroll & to adjust to the game.

While starting slow can be an effective strategy in certain situations, it also comes with risks. For instance, it can allow opponents to improve their hands cheaply on the flop, turn, or river in games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha. However, overly conservative play can sometimes signal weakness to more aggressive players, who might then take advantage of this perceived passivity to dominate the game. It’s a strategic choice that needs to be balanced with aggression and adaptability based on the game’s flow and the player’s assessment of their opponents.

How to Win on Online Poker – Strategies and Tips for Playing Online Poker

For many, online poker offers an exciting blend of strategy, competition, and potential reward. But unlike a lucky spin at the roulette wheel, success here hinges on honed skills and calculated decisions. Here’s a roadmap to navigate the online poker tables with confidence:

Stage Winning Strategy Why It Works
Building Your Foundation * Start Low, Climb Slow: Begin at low-stakes tables. This allows you to develop your skills and bankroll gradually, minimizing financial risk. * Focus on One Table: Multi-tabling can be overwhelming for beginners. Dedicating your attention to a single table fosters better decision-making. * Minimize Distractions: Seek a quiet, distraction-free environment. Focus is paramount for analyzing hands and making sound judgments. A solid foundation is crucial. Low stakes allow you to experiment without significant losses, while single-table play hones your core skills. A distraction-free zone minimizes errors and optimizes your thinking.
Playing with Finesse * Tight-Aggressive Play (TAG): Be selective about your starting hands (tight), but play them with confidence (aggressive). This approach keeps your chips safe while maximizing value with strong hands. * Positional Awareness: Utilize your table position to your advantage. In late position, you have more information about your opponents’ actions, allowing for more strategic play. * Bankroll Management: Play within your means. Set a budget and stick to it. This ensures you can maintain your bankroll through inevitable downswings. TAG play balances caution with calculated aggression. Understanding your position allows you to tailor your play for optimal results. Disciplined bankroll management safeguards your financial well-being and allows you to play for the long term.
Advanced Maneuvers * Bluffing: A well-timed bluff can win you a pot without a strong hand. However, use it sparingly and only when you believe it will be effective. * 4-Betting: Re-raising a 3-bet is a powerful move that displays significant strength. Employ it cautiously, understanding the potential for escalating the pot and attracting stronger hands. * Software Tools (Optional): Explore tools that track opponent tendencies and analyze your game. Use this information responsibly to refine your strategy. Bluffing can be a potent weapon, but overuse backfires. A well-timed 4-bet demands respect, but understand the potential consequences. Software tools can be valuable for tracking trends, but don’t rely solely on them – develop your own strategic intuition.


Even though strict regulations related to gambling, including poker, are imposed in Malaysia, the country still has some poker tables for interested visitors where they can have legal gaming. Whether preferring to play against the dealer up in Genting Highlands or online betting sites based abroad, one that offers a safe and regulated environment by local government in the pursuit of the activity would be very important.


Is Online Poker Legal in Malaysia?

While there haven’t been any major legal cases against Malaysians playing online poker on foreign sites, it’s important to remember that the legal landscape is unclear. It’s best to proceed with caution and be aware of the potential risks. Malaysia has strict gambling laws dating back to the 1950s, including the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 and the Betting Act 1953. These laws don’t explicitly mention online gambling, but they could be interpreted to encompass it.

Are the laws the same for foreign nationals and Malaysian citizens?

The laws regarding online poker in Malaysia are the same for both foreign nationals and Malaysian citizens. The existing Gambling Act and Common Gaming Houses Act don’t differentiate between citizens and foreigners when it comes to gambling offences.

What laws will I violate if I gamble in Malaysia?

Anyone who engages in gambling in Malaysia is in violation of the Betting Act of 1953 and the Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953. Both these acts cover just about every type of gambling you could engage in.

Are gambling winnings subject to taxes in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, gambling winnings are generally not subject to income taxes. This applies to both domestic casinos and (to the best of our knowledge) winnings from reputable foreign online poker sites. Any money you earn while gambling in Malaysia you don’t need to tax. Instead, it is the operators of casinos and card rooms that are required to pay taxes.

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