Attractive Holes and Big Wins in Coin Galactic Slot

I often attribute black holes to my wallet and my child’s stomach, but the truth is that they are very interesting oddities of our universe. The black hole is essentially can not see. All we know is that they are there because of the impact they have on the space around them. Even if we found it, we wouldn’t want to jump in, no matter what Stargate SG-1 wants us to believe.

If you find yourself rushing head first into a black hole, you will likely experience spaghettification. Yes, that’s true.Happens when your foot is pulled into a black hole many Faster than your head, your body stretches out like a Looney Tunes character.

Now that you understand the details of black holes, it’s time to move on to the next step. coin galactic slot from slot pier try it.

What about that hole?

Coin Galactic Slot is not actually a slot game in the traditional sense. There is no way to win any amount of money in the base game. What Slotopia has done is basically build a base game that is only used to trigger one of his two hold-and-win bonus rounds for slots.

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Before we explain how to trigger the bonus game round, let’s talk about symbols. The silver coin symbol displays a cash value of 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x his stake. Gold coin symbols display cash values ​​of 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x and 9x your stake. When a Gold Coin symbol appears on the reels, it becomes sticky and remains there until the bonus round is triggered and completed. The Mystic symbol will turn into any symbol at the end of the bonus round except the Golden Coin symbol. Jackpot symbols contain their respective jackpot values. Mystic Jackpot symbols turn into Jackpot symbols at the end of the bonus round. Finally, the black hole symbol adds all other values ​​on the reels and the jackpot value to itself during the bonus round.

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The standard bonus game is triggered when three symbols land in the middle row. When this happens, all symbols currently on the reels will be locked in place. He will then spin 3 times to add additional symbols to the reels. Adding a symbol will reset the 3 spins. The round ends when he spins 3 times without adding any new symbols. All values ​​displayed will be added up and awarded as a prize. The Ultra Bonus Game can be triggered randomly when the Standard Bonus Game is triggered. During the Ultra Bonus Game, the Galactic Gap feature is activated on every spin.

During the Bonus Game or Ultra Bonus Game, Galactic Gap adds a 2x multiplier to a random spot on the reels. During the standard bonus game, this feature is triggered randomly, but during the ultra bonus game, it is triggered on every spin.

Is Coin Galactic slot out of this world or stuck on the launch pad?

You have the chance to win up to $323,400 on this slot, which is amazing considering this is essentially a 3-reel fruit slot. However, to have a chance of winning these big winning numbers you will need to bet at $75 per spin as the maximum multiplier is 4,312.What slots offer Medium to high volatility This will slow down gameplay somewhat. Coin Galactic slot features: 95.97% RTP.

I’m a visual person, so the slots I appreciate generally have great graphics and can require an incredibly talented illustrator to execute them. But every now and then I am reminded of how great simple slots can be. coin galactic slot It’s a reminder. The gameplay is tight and focused, the graphics are simple and effective, and the bonus features are incredibly appealing. This 3-reel slot also has a bonus buy feature. I give this a 10 out of 10.

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