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DevCon 1 will be held in London from November 9th to 13th, just over 100 days after the launch of the Ethereum network. Over the past few months, we have seen the network drive towards a decentralized revolution, from hundreds of nodes that started on an exciting and special night, to thousands of developers motivating and inspiring us. We have seen it grow into a very complete, globally deployed and stable platform.

DevCon has three main topic categories:

  • Basic research and core protocols: This includes proof of stake, scalability, networking protocols, privacy, zero-knowledge proofs, as well as the more mathematical aspects of decentralized protocols such as stablecoins, prediction markets, and reputation systems. This part is designed to be similar to an academic conference in some ways. crypto economy.
  • Dapp development: It focuses on the practical challenges of developing applications on the Ethereum platform and effective design patterns to optimize security, efficiency, development time, and user experience. This part is designed to be similar to programming language developer conventions.
  • Impact on industry and society: Includes IoT, finance, government, supply chain tracking, notary, identity and reputation. This part is aimed at industry and mainstream audiences, especially Ethereum participants with the aim of understanding what the features of the Ethereum ecosystem are and how projects can benefit from using this technology. It is designed to appeal to audiences from outside the ecosystem, as well as other stakeholders. As policy makers and investors.

The conference will be held in London for five days from November 9th to 13th. gibson hall. The first half of the week will focus on research and dapp development, and the second half of the week will focus on industry and societal impact. We will also discuss how development will continue after the platform launches and the future direction of the Foundation as an organization. We hope that his week will help you develop the understanding and make the connections you need to take full advantage of the opportunities Ethereum offers.

There will be keynotes from several core development teams, providing updates on progress and some exciting new projects. We will also try to livestream the event whenever possible so that those who are unable to attend can still participate.

One of our features this week is to highlight dapps that our community is creating. If you like, we’ll show you all the great things happening on the Ethereum platform. Expect to hear talks from development teams sharing their learnings, as well as in-depth talks about new businesses and business models enabled by the Ethereum platform. If you have something to share, please feel free to contact us below.

Website coming soon We will add more information on pricing, dates, sponsorships, and more as it becomes available.

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