Marches targeting Iran are like children’s toys

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian on Thursday compared demonstrations targeting Iran to children’s toys.

In an interview with American network NBC News, Abdullahian said: “What happened last night was not a strike. The drones used to target Iran were not drones, they were like dolls that children play with. was.”

“Unless Israel launches a major attack, Iran will not strike back,” Abdullahian told the network in New York, where he was attending a Security Council meeting.

He added: “We will not make any new reactions unless the Israeli side makes new adventures that are against our interests.”

Iran’s foreign minister stressed that if Israel attacks Iran, there will be a swift and harsh response.

Prime Minister Abdullahian said: “If Israel takes decisive action against our country and it is proven to us, we will respond immediately and with maximum force and make Israel regret it.” ” he warned.

The Iranian minister said the attack was intended as a “warning” and added: “We could have attacked Haifa and Tel Aviv, we could have targeted all the economic ports of Israel.” added.

He added: “But our red line is civilian. All we had was military purposes.”

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