Myawati residents evacuate to Thailand due to air raids

In Myawati, a border town between Thailand and Myanmar, fighting has been intensifying since the morning of April 20, and residents near the second bridge have evacuated to the Thai side.

Mya Watti, a resident of Ward 5, told RFA that she was hiding on the banks of the Thani River when the fighting was intense, but had to flee because of the military council’s airstrikes.

“They fired one after another throughout the night and during the day. From 4 o’clock in the morning until now. The plane arrived around 9 o’clock and was waiting until now. At first the shells did not reach the shore. Now They said it was coming towards the coast and they couldn’t take it anymore, so I came here. There are places on this side where Thai soldiers are helping.”

At around 4 p.m. on April 20, more than 200 residents of Repu village, an agricultural area near the second bridge, evacuated from the Myawat side to the Thai side.

Residents living near the second bridge told RFA that the military council had been firing non-stop planes since the morning of April 20th.

“The situation is that they have been hammering all day since morning. All you can hear is the sound of planes. The rest are alone in pairs. It’s the sound of drones and bombs. I can’t hear it because I’m in the stream. I looked up to the stream where it all started. I couldn’t look back. I couldn’t stay because I was stuck under the bridge I was just avoiding. .

On the night of April 19, the KNLA and its collaborators launched a drone bomb attack near the 2nd Bridge, where approximately 150 Military Council soldiers who had fled from the Klara (275) Battalion were sheltering.

In response to the attack, the military council began firing at the planes from the morning of April 20th. Thousands of Burmese refugees are waiting to be evacuated to Thailand. Residents living in Myaowati Ward 5 said they had to flee as Sitkainshi continued to fire from his plane and the situation worsened.

“I was shooting a big ball in the morning. It fell towards the shore and I just met the whole family. I was close to the shore when I was there. They shot us at Talabat. When we got closer, the situation was bad, so we came to this side.

Thai soldiers are helping people cross to the Thai side, and Burmese are also coming to help.

Security forces have been reinforced along the Thai side of the border due to heavy fighting near the Thai-Myanmar border.

Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Nikolundej Barankula said the Thai government, together with Thai security agencies, is closely monitoring the situation along the border, addressing violations of the country’s sovereignty and ensuring the safety of local residents.

He also said that Thailand is supporting humanitarian assistance and will continue to provide assistance as needed and do its best to return the border situation between Thailand and Myanmar to normal.

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