Orang Ulu takes the lead in Miri Gawai event

mm: Preparations are underway for the much-awaited Miri-level Gawai Dayak 2024, the most prestigious annual event in the northern region.

This year, the Orang Ulu community, especially the Sabang people, are taking the lead in organizing the festival.

Previously, this event was hosted by the Bidayuh community.

Hosting a rotation of milli-level Gawai Dayak events among ethnic groups such as the Iban, Bidayuh, and Orang Ulu promotes inclusivity and cohesion within the community while preserving and promoting Dayak culture. said Usat Biron, acting organizer of the event. chairman.

“It is scheduled to be held on May 21st at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club. This year’s event will feature the much-awaited beauty pageant with male participants Orang Ulu/Kumang Iban/Dayun Sangon and Belawan Kelin. featured and promises to be even better,” he said.

“Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas will also attend the event,” he added.

Organizers have announced drastic changes to the beauty pageant’s standards and an extension of the age limit for contestants.

Previously, the age limit for participants was 25 years old, but reflecting a more inclusive approach to celebrating beauty and culture, the age range for participants has been extended to 28 years old (for the women’s category).

Single women between the ages of 18 and 28 are eligible to participate, regardless of ethnic background within the Dayak community.

The winners in each category will receive a cash prize of RM3,000 and a fantastic scholarship worth RM15,000 sponsored by Fajar College.

The winner will receive a cash prize of RM2,500 and a scholarship worth RM10,000 sponsored by Fajar College.

Second place will receive a cash prize of RM2,000 and an additional RM7,000 scholarship sponsored by Fajar College.

Additionally, three repechage contestants will each be awarded a cash prize of RM1,000 and a RM3,000 scholarship sponsored by Fajar College.

If you are interested, please use the Google link to obtain the registration form. [http://bit.ly/KKDBK2024](http://bit.ly/KKDBK2024).

Alternatively, you may contact Caroline Siburat at 012-8518938 to request assistance with the registration process.

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