Prime Minister Turkiye arrests PKK personnel arriving from Germany

Turkish security forces in Istanbul arrested Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) official Murcel Durmaz in Germany’s Cologne/Troisdorf region.

Security officials said on Saturday that the Istanbul Security Directorate’s counterterrorism department and the National Intelligence Service continued joint efforts to decipher the PKK’s activities.

He added that within the framework of joint intelligence operations, the security team learned that Mr. Durmaz, a PKK official from the Cologne/Treusdorf region, nicknamed “Zenel”, would arrive in Istanbul by plane from Germany.

Officials said the team arrested Durmaz at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport after finding out that he was involved in the activities of a “terrorist” organization in Europe.

She said Turkish security teams transferred Mr. Durmaz to the Istanbul Security Directorate and, after completing legal proceedings against him, referred him to an alternative court, which subsequently decided to imprison him. .

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