USDT To Deploy On TON Blockchain Amid Telegram Co-Founder Keynote Speech

tether (Crypto: USDT) officially published in ton (CRYPTO: TON) Blockchain.

what happened: This announcement was made by Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino Token2049, held in Dubai, was a pivotal moment for both organizations involved.

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with ardoino Pavel Durovco-founder of telegram We have outlined the details and implications of the upcoming integration of TON and Tether.

Revolutionizing payments and user empowerment

Pavel Durov highlighted the philosophical and technical synergies between Telegram and blockchain technology. Says“We love blockchain because it gives power back to people and enriches our ecosystem.”

This ethos is evident in Telegram’s latest move to tokenize nearly every aspect of its platform, from usernames to chat features.

The announcement that USDT, one of the most widely used stablecoins in the world, will be issued on the TON blockchain marks an important milestone.

“This is not just a technological integration, but represents a fusion of ideals of freedom, equality and the democratization of financial operations on a global scale,” Durov said in Dubai.

Impact on the digital asset market

The integration of USDT into TON will increase the utility of Telegram’s blockchain infrastructure, providing users with seamless transactions and an alternative to traditional financial systems plagued by inefficiencies and limitations. is.

Mr. Durov’s talk was supported by Mr. Ardoino, who joined him on stage to discuss the details of the USDT merger.

Ardoino provided insight into the technical and operational advances that come with the partnership.

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“Today, we launched the integration and performed the first issuance of USDT on TON, giving millions of people access to USDT directly within Telegram and a robust and secure way to trade using USDT. It allows for a scalable and user-friendly platform,” Ardoino said.

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Strategic moves and future prospects

This collaboration is part of Telegram’s broader strategy to incorporate advanced blockchain solutions that drive broad user engagement and monetization opportunities for developers and content creators within the platform.

The move is expected to significantly increase the use of mini-apps and bots, potentially involving more than 700 million users per month.

Durov also criticized monetization models prevalent on digital platforms that exploit user data without fair compensation.

Telegram, in contrast, offers one of the most generous revenue-sharing models, returning 50% of revenue from ads to channel owners and content creators.

This model not only encourages high-quality content production, but also aligns with the platform’s philosophy of fairness and user empowerment.

Discussions to expect at Benzinga’s event on the future of digital assets

The implications of such a merger are enormous and will be a hot topic at Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets event on November 19th.

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