American newspaper denies rapid change in situation in Ukraine after new aid

The Wall Street Journal expressed the view that the new US military aid to Ukraine will not fundamentally change the situation on the front.

Yesterday, Saturday, the US House of Representatives approved in plenary a bill allocating approximately $61 billion worth of additional aid to Ukraine. A bill was also passed that included provisions calling for the confiscation of Russian sovereign assets in the interests of Ukraine.

“Given the difficult situation on the battlefield in Ukraine and the successes achieved by the Russian military in recent months… it is unlikely that new U.S. assistance will radically change Kiev’s fate,” the newspaper said.

The article pointed out that Ukraine suffers from a serious shortage not only in the number of military personnel, but also in the number of missiles, especially artillery.

At best, the new U.S. aid package could help Ukraine thwart a Russian attack and “preserve territory” so European allies can provide further support to the Kiev regime next year, the newspaper said. .

Meanwhile, Russia’s first permanent representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, said that the new U.S. aid package for Ukraine will not save the Kiev regime, but will allow it to steal more funds and more weapons. He said he would just do it. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians will go into the meat grinder.

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