Ben Gvir accuses Gantz of undermining Israel’s security and accuses Gantz of inviting Abbas to his home

Israel’s Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir accused War Council Minister Benny Gantz of undermining Israel’s security and reminded him that he would welcome Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas into his home.

Ben Gvir said, “Benny Gantz undermines the security of the State of Israel, leads the concept of containment and surrender to the Hamas movement, puts Golani soldiers at risk, brings workers from Gaza, and invades the Jordan River. “This is the person who opened the West Bank checkpoints and closed the emergency rooms.” and welcomed Abu Mazen into his home. ” In my opinion, a person like him is not qualified to sit in the cabinet. ”

Gantz has previously said that “ministers who pose a threat to ‘national security’ should not continue to be part of the government.”

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