Hundreds of people gather at Sydney’s Bondi Beach to remember Westfield attack victims | News in photos

Hundreds of people gathered on Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Sunday night to light candles as the sun set and remember the six people killed in the attack. knife attack a week ago at the Westfield Shopping Mall in the area.

Joel Couch, 40, who had mental health issues, killed five women and a male security guard at a shopping mall on April 13, before being shot dead by police.

“My thoughts are with everyone who is still trying to come to terms with the hole in their lives where a loved one should be,” Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told the crowd.

“To all our family and friends who are here with us and who are with us in spirit, please know this: All Australians are thinking of you. That’s it.”

A local choir sang hymns.

Mona Lemoto, who was attending the event, said, “I think the atmosphere was very calm. We felt more relaxed and had a deeper understanding.”

“I think there was a lot of connection and a real respect for family and community.”

According to local media, Amy Scott, the police officer who shot the attacker, was in attendance along with politicians and civic leaders.

Sydney is generally one of the safest cities in the world, with strict laws against guns and knives.

Just two days after the mall attack, an assailant stabbed and injured a man. bishop of assyria It’s on the west side of town.

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