Iranian President Raisi wants to maintain strict scarf regulations

Despite strong public outcry, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi wants to maintain strict police checks on head scarf violations against women.

“For Iranian women, respecting the headscarf is not only a religious obligation, but also a political and legal obligation,” Raisi said on Sunday. According to the presidential website, the ultra-conservative cleric said there was therefore “absolutely no doubt” that testing must continue to be carried out consistently.

Since the beginning of the Persian New Year on March 20, police and moral guardians have once again stepped up crackdowns on scarf violations. Videos on social media show that there have even been clashes between women and morality monitors during some checkpoints.

The death of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish woman, in police custody in September 2022 sparked nationwide protests against the Islamic regime and its dress code. Amini was detained by a public order guard because her scarf didn’t fit her. A few days later, she died at the police station as a result of police violence.

In solidarity with young Kurdish women, a growing number of Iranian women have since flouted the obligation to wear headscarves. Islamic countries in Iran have also criticized the police’s harsh crackdown. They are convinced that violence cannot transform women into pious and devout Muslims.

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