Israel continues to ban cooking gas and fuel from entering Gaza

Gaza:For the seventh consecutive month, Israel continued to ban cooking gas and fuel from the Gaza Strip, particularly Gaza City and the northern part of the war-torn enclave, the Gaza Government Information Office announced.

Jordan News Agency (Petra) reports that in a press statement on Saturday, the agency said that as the war continues, the humanitarian and health crisis is worsening, and that people are using wood, coal, and other materials to make fires. It warned of reliance on alternative primitive resources such as building rubble. Hundreds of people are suffering from respiratory illnesses.

The report said hundreds of cases of respiratory illnesses have been recorded as a result of prolonged exposure to these fires used for cooking and heating, exacerbating the crisis and leading to lung cancer and respiratory illnesses due to inhalation of toxic gases. There is a fear that cancer cases will increase.

This difficult humanitarian, health and environmental reality requires urgent intervention to end this crisis and provide Gaza with basic needs, the most important of which is the provision of cooking gas and other fuel, the office said.

Petra called on the international community and stakeholders to quickly address the crisis and put pressure on the occupation authorities to allow the supply of cooking gas and fuel.

The statement stressed that cutting off access to basic life needs is a crime in addition to those committed by Israel in the genocidal war it has waged against the Palestinian people since October 7. . – Bernama Petra

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