Polygon Price Prediction: 2024, 2025, 2030

MATIC Price Prediction: Main Highlights

1. Key support and resistance levels

  • In weekly chart analysis, the lowest support levels for MATIC are: $0.3.
  • vice versa, $1.7 can Highest point of resistance.

2. Market psychology

  • The market sentiment surrounding MATIC can be seen as follows: bearish in April 2024.

3. Forecast prediction

  • Based on the AI/ML prediction model, the average price of MATIC is predicted as follows: $11 2027, in the future approx. 100 dollars In 2030.

Check out our comprehensive weekly technical analysis. Maticfollowed by the next day of the month, upcoming months, and yearly forecast tables derived from AI/ML-based predictive models.

MATIC Technical Analysis: Can the bulls pull off a reversal?

Over the past year, MATIC has experienced significant fluctuations in market trends. Although current market sentiment shows a dichotomy of possibilities, polygon Price predictions for 2024 depend on a variety of factors.

The period began with: Bull trying to maintain footing on top $1.08. Nevertheless, their efforts failed, and in mid-April, bear succeeded in pushing prices below an important threshold.The downtrend continues and the price has fallen below $0.98 next month.

June saw a further decline, with the price brushing past the lowest support during the analysis period. $0.51.Bulls’ counterattack attempt thwarted $0.76 Mid-July. This led to further declines.

By September, the asset returned to the lowest support level, paving the way for stronger prices. bullish rally Starts from mid-October. This effort culminated in altcoins finally overcoming it. $0.76 November resistance.

However, any attempt to violate $0.98 Resistance was also rejected in mid-November and again in December, leading to smaller withdrawals.The bulls managed to stop the decline. $0.76 support.

Buyers rallied again in February.this rally It was notable for overcoming all previous resistance. By March, MATIC had regained resources. $1.08. Nevertheless, just two weeks later, prices fell again.

This time, the decline was more pronounced as buyers were unable to stop the price. $0.76. Red lights are flashing in the virtual currency market, Bitcoin (BTC) And many major altcoins cannot resist downward volatility. This caused the asset to trade at the following prices: $0.66, Inching closer to current support $0.63.

According to AMBCrypto’s recent report, liquidity is high; $0.73 This may prevent further price increases. However, if the bulls gain stronger control, they could overcome this resistance and push the price towards the next target. $0.85.

How bulls can sustain an extended run and maintain sustainable momentum 1 dollar Is required. Once this threshold is overcome, $1.5 and $1.7 Next line. The latter has not been breached since March 2022. Therefore, a concerted effort from the bulls will be required.healthy existence purchasing pressure MATIC can be raised to maximum 2 dollars.

Given the broader economic downturn, prices are likely to fall below current support levels. This results in $0.51. A clear bearish attack could send MATIC back to its lowest levels. $0.3.

Our predictive AI/ML models deliver robust predictions. upward trend it lasts.For each model, the average price of the token is approximately $11 By 2030, MATIC will likely have an average transaction price of approximately 100 dollars.This represents a great deal of appreciation from those around you. 100%.

MATIC’s 2024 Roadmap: Key Indicators to Watch and Trade

  • The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) line fell below the signal line at the start. Bearish momentum was confirmed as both lines fell below the zero line in May and June, respectively.
  • Market sentiment started to improve in October, with the MACD line proving above the signal line, suggesting potential. trend reversal. The bullish momentum further strengthened by the end of November, with the MACD line rising above the zero line. This was followed by Signal Line in January 2024.
  • A decrease in the positive values ​​of the histogram was noted from December and became even more noticeable by the end of January as the MACD line moved closer to the signal line. After a short reversal, the MACD line was observed to converge again and eventually he fell below the April signal line.
  • The latest value was a histogram -0.0329,Signal line 0.0539and MACD line 0.0210. This suggests that short-term momentum is slowing relative to long-term momentum, indicating potential. downward price movement.
  • Initially, Bollinger Bands widened significantly, then slightly. contraction This occurred towards the end of April as the price fell below the 20-week moving average (MA). The band then widened further in June when prices fell below the lower band.
  • The band narrowed in late October, indicating a contraction in the market. volatility. During this period, the price started to recover and eventually crossed the 20MA by the end of the month.
  • Small movements beyond the upper band caused further expansion of the band in November, late December, and March. However, the price could not maintain this advantage and fell below the upper band and then below the 20MA.it reflected a reversal bearish conditions.
  • MATIC’s trading volume decreased during the period. Bear dominance. It has been on a recovery trend since October, but bullish rally.
  • This revival was slight. Moist Occurs intermittently as prices fall. This may be due to profit taking and investor caution.

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