President Putin is unpredictable, Navalny’s widow warns of possibility of using nuclear weapons

The widow of late Russian dissident Alexei Navalny has warned of the unpredictability of Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying she cannot rule out the possibility that he might someday use nuclear weapons.

“I don’t know what to expect from him,” she told dpa. “He probably will.”

She likened the question to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying she did not expect Putin to attack at the time given the strong ties between the two countries. “But he has decided to do so. He continues to scare and terrorize people. No one knows what Putin will do next.”

After illegally occupying Crimea in 2014, President Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Navalnya said he did not know whether Putin really had a “strong strategy.”

The Navalny family has long been Russia’s most prominent opposition activist.

Navalny, a longtime staunch opponent of President Vladimir Putin, died on February 16 in a prisoner of war camp in the Siberian Arctic. It has not been independently established whether Navalny, 47, died of natural causes, as stated on his death certificate. However, his supporters claim he was murdered.

Navalny also commented on the recent arrests of several suspected Russian spies in Europe, which are a sign that Putin has been waging war by any means necessary in the heart of Europe for years. He said it was a further sign.

“Putin doesn’t start now, he’s been doing this all along. He starts wars and kills his opponents,” she said, adding that Putin’s presence was not a surprise to her. “I always thought there were a lot of Russian spies in Europe. Russian spies, that’s obvious.”

Earlier this week, two German-Russian dual nationals were detained in Bavaria on suspicion of spying on targets destined for Moscow for potential sabotage in Germany. Both men are currently in custody.

In Poland, security services have arrested a man suspected of trying to assist Russian military intelligence in a plot to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Navalnaya said it was a shame that Europe did not recognize the danger posed by Russia sooner, saying that if the issue had been raised earlier and more often, some wars and some murders could have been avoided. He said it could have been prevented.

Speaking at a news conference at Tegernsee, a lake in the Bavarian Alps south of Munich, she reiterated her determination to fight Putin and called for the strongest possible support from Western countries.

Navalnya himself said that he is not afraid, despite living with a certain degree of risk, adding that if he does a good job, the risks will be even higher.

But she says she dreams of returning to Russia someday. “I want to live in Russia. My children dream of returning to Russia. I want to go to my husband’s grave. It is very important to me. And I hope it will come true very soon. I dream of going to Russia as soon as possible. “

On Friday, Navalnya received the annual German Press Freedom Award at the Ludwig Erhard Summit, a major forum of top political and business representatives.

Navalnaya said that there is currently no solution to the Ukraine conflict. “The whole world is trying to find a way to solve this problem,” she said, adding that no one has found a solution.

She said she wants reconciliation between Russians and Ukrainians, but “there are no easy solutions.” “But President Putin has put the two countries in a situation where it is very difficult to build relations.”

She could not say whether Russia’s opposition to Putin could one day destabilize the president. “I really hope that happens, and I believe it will happen much sooner than we all expect.” But no one knows when or why this will happen, she said. said.

But many people are tired of war. “They don’t support it, but they’re very afraid to say it out loud because they could be jailed that day.”

She said she hoped the Russian public would not support further mobilization of soldiers. She said, “As governments try to mobilize more and more people to war, resistance to war will increase.”

Navalnaya also emphasized that Russia is not about Putin. “There are a lot of anti-war activists and anti-Putin activists,” she says. “They need to hear support from the West.”

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