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This alert is related to a consensus issue that occurred in block 116,522 of Frontier Network and was mined on 20 Aug 2015 14:59:16+02:00. The problem has been fixed. See “Fix” below.

Impact: expensive

Problem description: State database consensus issue in geth with deletion of account data. This can occur during a SUICIDE instruction.

Affected implementations: All geth implementations from version 1.0.1, 1.1.0 and older Develop (“Unstable 1.1.0”) was influenced by. Eth (C++) and pyethereum (Python) are not affected.

Expected impact on chain reorganization depth: Extended waiting time for final block confirmation to 12 hours

Suggested temporary workaround: Miners switch to Ethereum or Paiserium as soon as possible

Corrective action by Ethereum: We provide the following fixes:

repair: Note that the consensus issue occurred just before the announcement of the new release 1.1.0. If you do upgrade, make sure to upgrade to the intended version as you may not want to fix it. and Upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0 (not officially released yet) at the same time. The fixes below are for version 1.0.2. Build is generated for v 1.0.2.

  • You can find release 1.0.2 including source and binaries. here
  • If you’re building from source: use git pull followed by make geth – commit from master branch. a0303ff4bdc17fba10baea4ce9ff250e5923efa2
  • When using PPA: sudo apt-get update after that sudo apt-get upgrade
  • we are still working on brew repair

The correct version for this update on Ubuntu and OSX is Geth/v1.0.2-.a0303f

You may see the following message alert, which will resolve itself after a while as the peer updates its client:

I0820 19:00:53.368852 4539 chain manager.go:776] bad block #116522 (05bef30ef572270f654746da22639a7a0c97dd97a7050b9e252391996aaeb689)

I0820 19:00:53.368891 4539 chain manager.go:777] found known bad hash in chain 05bef30ef572270f654746da22639a7a0c97dd97a7050b9e

update information:

  • 20/08/15 17:47+02:00 The issue has been identified and a geth fix is ​​in progress. Geth(Go)-Miner should be upgraded as soon as a fix is ​​available and switch to Eth (C++) or Python in the meantime. Eth (C++) and Python miners are not affected.
  • 20/08/15 19:38+02:00 See above for the official release of the fix.
  • 20/08/15 21:19+02:00 Note that the consensus issue occurred just before the announcement of the new release 1.0.2. So make sure you get the fix you need. In other words, stick with 1.0.1 or upgrade to 1.0.2. For more information, see Fixes.
  • 21/08/15 11:30+2:00 We have been closely monitoring the chain and network since the consensus issue arose. According to network statistics, most miners have either upgraded to patched 1.0.2 or switched to eth. The expectation for the maximum possible depth of chain reorganization is 750 blocks.

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