Sisters spared jail for assault on fellow DH


The two sisters (in denims) and a supporter emerge from the court

Two sisters charged with assault and criminal damage for
ganging up on a fellow domestic helper they accused of having an affair with
their sister’s husband, have been spared jail after appearing Friday at Eastern

Joana Marie Cuenca, 30 years old, got off with a bound-over,
in which she need not pay a fine of $2,000 if she does not commit any offense
within the next 18 months.

Her sister, Baby May Cabillon, 40 years old, was meted four
weeks’ imprisonment, but suspended for 18 months, after she pleaded guilty to
the two charges.

While she need not be jailed if she does not reoffend in the
next 18 months, she was fined $3,000 and made to pay compensation of $1,800 to
their victim, Luna Villa Magbanua. “Payable by today,” Principal Magistrate Ivy
Chui added.

Magistrate Chui gave the decision after telling Cabillon: “We
must not underestimate the seriousness of the offense. You did it with another

The two sisters were charged with assault occasioning actual
bodily harm, punishable under the Offenses against the Person Ordinance, for ganging
up on Magbanua on July 9, 2023 in Harcourt Garden in Queensway, Wanchai.

Cabillon was also charged with criminal damage for damaging Magbanua’s necklace and hangbag in the same incident.

Their lawyer said the two sisters had been trying to talk to
Magbanua about her supposed relationship with their brother-in-law, who also works in
Hong Kong as a driver, but had been snubbed.

So when they saw her at Harcourt Garden, they could not
control their anger, he added.


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