Sleepy Shiba: The Next Memecoin Millionaire-Maker?

A new candidate has entered the meme coin arena – Sleepy Shiba (SLESHIB). SLESHIB aims to achieve the viral hit status of earlier meme sensations like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Book of Meme (BOME). These early followers witnessed incredible returns.

according to dex cleanerthe token is currently trading around $0.00001458 with an overall market cap of $43,000, and the developers of this project predict that SLESHIB will grow by an incredible 13,000,000% in the next four days until the end of this week. I am.

Image source: dex cleaner

This bullish prediction depends on whether SLESHIB gets listed on top crypto exchange MEXC. The team hopes this listing will bring in a large influx of new buyers, which will always lead to increased exposure.

At this time, SLESHIB trading is primarily limited to Solana-backed decentralized exchanges such as Jupiter and Raydium, excluding traditional centralized exchanges. Investors who want to try this new coin will need to connect a wallet such as MetaMask or Phantom and exchange Solana to his SLESHIB.

Established meme coins such as SHIB and DOGE have fallen in price recently, prompting investors to look for the next potential game-breaker.

Hopes are in the air for the newly minted memecoin billionaire now that Sleepy Shiva has made his mark in the cryptocurrency community with a combination of ample token supply and an upcoming major exchange listing.

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