Analysts Bullish on DTX Exchange before Uniswap listing! Can Litecoin and Polygon keep up?

Altcoins have bottomed out and sellers are exhausted. The current selloff has given investors one last chance to get a good entry into an altcoin that won’t be available again until the next bear market. Smart Money continues its shopping spree, targeting new projects such as: DTX Exchange (DTX).
Analysts are bullish on DTX Exchange (DTX) before Uniswap listing! Will the giants of the previous cycle, Litecoin (LTC) and Polygon (MATIC), be able to catch up? A new cycle favors new leaders, and smart money is betting big on the new generation.

DTX Exchange (DTX) Uniswap list ready

DTX Exchange (DTX) has the best pre-sale on the market and has already raised over $250,000 in less than a week. This is revolutionizing the on-chain trading experience, and analysts predict that this pre-sale will take off once it launches on Uniswap, with explosive 25x profits expected. Lack of asset diversity and counterparty risk remain the biggest obstacles to liquid and decentralized trading.
The introduction of a hybrid model solves these problems. DTX Exchange, like other centralized exchanges, uses a classic order book model. The big difference is that the platform’s order book is completely on-chain. DTX Exchange provides users with rich liquidity through a decentralized liquidity pool model that aggregates liquidity from across DeFi. This enhances the slippage and performance levels of centralized exchanges, but is completely on-chain.
Traders can manage their funds and trade on over 120,000 financial instruments. Offering traditional stocks, contracts for difference (CFDs), foreign exchange markets, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies, his DTX exchange sets a new standard in trading. $DTX token holders have benefited from the platform’s growth, and this small-cap gem is highly undervalued.

Litecoin (LTC) marks third halving event

Litecoin (LTC) has undergone its third halving and Litecoin (LTC) inflation is currently at its lowest ever. Long-term supply is good news for all Litecoin (LTC) holders and will help increase the value of the token. If demand remains constant but supply decreases, prices must rise.
Litecoin (LTC), which forked from the Bitcoin (BTC) network after a controversy over block size, is a more scalable network suitable for payments. As global cryptocurrency adoption continues to increase, assets that enable permissionless payments like Litecoin (LTC) will continue to grow.

Polygon (MATIC) Kraken releases multi-chain wallet

Polygon (MATIC) is struggling to compete with other layer 2s. Polygon (MATIC) has had a significant head start on the PoS sidechain, but more investors are opting for rollups. The great news for Polygon (MATIC) is that Kraken has released a non-custodial wallet and Polygon (MATIC) is one of the first of his eight chains to be supported.
DeFi is now easily accessible to all Kraken users, and applications on the Polygon (MATIC) chain now have access to a large new user base. The increase in users means an increase in base demand for the native Polygon (MATIC) token, and its ecosystem is poised to thrive in the coming weeks.

Can Litecoin (LTC) and Polygon (MATIC) catch up to DTX?

Will Litecoin (LTC) and Polygon (MATIC) be able to catch up to $DTX? Unlikely. Investors need to understand market capitalization and growth stage. DTX Exchange is still in the presale phase, which represents the biggest financial opportunity. $LTC and $MATIC are already in their growth phase and cannot print 25x returns in this cycle. Meanwhile, $DTX holders have significant upside potential. No wonder analysts call this the best cryptocurrency to buy right now.

DTX is currently in its first pre-sale phase. For more information about DTX, please visit: DTX pre-sale site or join us DTX community.

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