Cause of death for 84% of Egypt’s population revealed

Nima Abdel, head of the World Health Organization in Egypt, said that around 84% of deaths in Egypt are caused by non-communicable diseases.

He further added, “Individual health depends not only on a series of interrelated biological factors, including physical, mental, and psychological aspects, but also on environmental, behavioral, social, and economic determinants.” The World Health Organization supports governments in their efforts to improve climate health and reduce exposure to risk factors that lead to non-communicable diseases and injuries. We are working on this.

Egypt Food Bank provides healthy food taking into account food safety standards and operates school canteens, providing healthy food in a simple and attractive way in selected schools within the bank’s “School Meals” program. Provide interactive activities to promote your message. This is of paramount importance in the axis of preventing the prevalence of malnutrition among newborns and adult children up to the age of 12 by moving from relief policies to prevention activities aimed at reducing the likelihood of food insecurity. This is one of the programs.

Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of Egypt Food Bank, said that the bank is working with public institutions and local and international organizations to align the strategic objectives of Egypt Food Bank with those of Food Bank. He said he would like to actively participate in the “Partnership for Healthy Cities” initiative. The Bank’s “School Meals” program aims to provide children with healthy and safe school meals, meeting the basic nutritional needs of young people, contributing to reducing malnutrition, and supporting young people’s It contributes to better growth and the formation of long-term healthy habits and this is reflected in it. Not only will you acquire life skills, but you will also gain academic excellence.

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