Domestic fight between two men ends with bind-over


A fight that landed two men at Eastern Court — one charged
with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and the other with wounding — ended
amicably today with both sides accepting a prosecution proposal for them to be
bound over and thus avoid having a criminal record.

A. Patricio, 47 years
old and P.K.To, whose age was not disclosed in the charge sheet but looked
older, were arrested after a fight inside their Neng Heng Seng House on Jervois
St. in Sheung Wan last Jan 18.

It was, as Principal
Magistrate Ivy Chui noted, a domestic violence.

She bound the two to a
promise that they will not commit violence or threat of violence on anyone for
18 months, or else they will be fined $2,000. In return, the charges against
them were withdrawn.

She also made each
of them pay the court cost of $1,000, to be deducted from their bail of $2,000.

“Please do not reoffend or
else I will not accept a bind-over next tme,” she added.

Patricio was charged with
assault occasioning bodily harm, a violation of the Offenses Against the Person
Ordinance, for allegedly hurting To.

To, on the other hand, was
charged with wounding, also an offense under the same law, for the alleged
attack on Patricio.

When they last appeared in
court last March 11, Patricio and To arrived together and sat beside each other
in the gallery the whole time that they waited for their case to be called. They
also left together after their case was heard.

Today, they were seated
separately, wth Patricio beside a sister and To with another man.

However, after the hearing, they
went together to the cashier and the Duty Lawyer Service office on the seventh


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