Eight bodies found on the side of a road near the US border

Mexican judicial sources said eight bodies were found on the side of a road in northern Mexico, while local media reported nine naked bodies with signs of violence.

“Eight men were found dead on the road between Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez, near the border with the United States,” the Chihuahua state prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Prosecutors added that they had launched an investigation to determine the cause of death and identify the victim, but that no physical evidence had been found.

Local media reported that nine bodies were found and a letter, likely from drug smuggling, was found next to them, according to the website of the newspaper Milenio.

The media added that the victims were between 35 and 50 years old.

Mexico, with a population of 126 million people, has recorded more than 420,000 murders since 2006, when former President Felipe Calderon launched a massive anti-drug campaign, with most of these crimes being committed by organized crime. It is said to be due to

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