Ethereum messaging for the masses (including fathers) – via infographic

When I started promoting Bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2012, my father was a pushover. There was general skepticism and typical rebuttals: “What’s the evidence for that?” and “What can we do with it?” “What the heck is cryptography?” At the time, my pitch wasn’t sophisticated and my learning tools weren’t quite mature yet…but frankly, I don’t think he could figure it out. I think a lot of the reason was that he just didn’t understand. It is not technical and does not employ early technology.

I was cautious and persistent and eventually he came back. By the end of 2012, he had quite a stash of coins, but as prices rose many times over, I increasingly secured his ear for opportunities that might arise in the future.

Now, the reason he didn’t decide to buy Bitcoin is because he finally understood the technology. In fact, even after all these years, we still don’t know if he understands many of the nitty-gritty details of Bitcoin or even wraps his head around the potential implications of blockchain technology. Offers. When Ethereum came out, he definitely didn’t understand the concept and why I abandoned everything at the end of 2013, along with then co-founders Vitalik, Mihai, Charles, and eventually the rest of the team. I didn’t understand why I decided to start a project with him and risk a huge amount of money. founding teamas it exists today.

Bitcoin is complex to explain, and Ethereum is even more complex to explain. This is not rocket science, although it certainly may seem that way to many people.unheard of terms such as smart contract, smart propertiesor daps It may seem daunting to the general public. “cryptocurrency” or “distributed ledger system” may still be unfamiliar to many people. Let’s face it. This technology is not easy for most people to understand, and to change this we need to continually improve and craft our messaging.

Naturally, Ethereum’s main focus and current goal is to put tools in the hands of developers and show them how they can create products that end users will ultimately appreciate. Less time and resources are spent explaining Ethereum to end consumers, businesses, and institutions.

Every week there will be an announcement on “Blockchain Integration” (see “Blockchain Integration”) Nasdaq, IBM, Honduran government There are countless others) and friendly bill proposal With the emergence of startups from countries like Canada, there is clearly growing interest from many sectors, and as more integration projects start to make the news, there will also be growing interest from organizations that don’t want to be left behind. I am.

explain complex ideas

So how do we bring Ethereum, and complex ideas in general, to the general public? Whether it’s a company trying to communicate new innovations to investors or an educator teaching a difficult subject in a short amount of time. Deaf, The problem is how to take a wealth of primarily technical information and effectively simplify and present it in an attractive and informative way.

One answer is infographics.Here are some benefits of this medium

  1. Infographics are typically more eye-catching than printed text because they combine images, colors, and content that are naturally eye-catching and interesting to people with short attention spans.
  2. Infographics are very shareable on the web using embed codes and are perfect for sharing on social networks.
  3. As long as it’s visually appealing with consistent colors and shapes.Messages and logos provide an effective means of brand awareness

Bellow is Ethereum’s first popular infographic concept designed for the masses. Allow it to speak for itself. He welcomes feedback and questions about why he crafted the message the way he did, or why certain terms or ideas were omitted. Please share this and spread the message across the web.

This is the first of several proposed infographics. In the next installment, we will focus on Ethereum use cases from different sectors, and then focus on more technical trends.

I’m in Switzerland working on Ethereum, so I’m missing Father’s Day with my dad (and my brother’s first Father’s Day). But I felt a certain sense of accomplishment when, after meeting my dad this week and showing him the infographic, he said to me: So what is the story about Bitcoin? ”

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers from Ethereum

Anthony Di Iorio is the founder of Ethereum and currently serves as a consultant and advisor to the project.He is the president and founder of Distributed and Decentralized consulting serviceprovides technology consulting services specializing in blockchain and decentralized technology integration for enterprises, small businesses, and startups. Anthony is the next crypto advisor. MaRS Discovery Districtwill be hosted by Toronto Ethereum Meetup Group and DEC_TECH (Distributed Technology) event and will be giving a lecture at the University of Nicosia this summer. MSc in Digital Currency.

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