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Nigeria-based blockchain payments startup Ivorypay has partnered with stablecoin issuer Tether to bring digital transactions to more consumers across Africa.

Ivorypay, a Nigerian startup focused on blockchain-based payments and remittances, has partnered with Tether. This partnership will enable stablecoin issuer Tether to directly mint and issue USDT to Ivorypay. This partnership is expected to facilitate cost-effective transactions and increase user trust in Ivorypay.

The partnership with Tether is expected to foster further innovation in Africa’s payments sector. The partnership is also expected to extend the benefits of stable digital transactions to more consumers and businesses across the continent.

IvoryPay executives said the partnership with Tether is a strategic move in line with the company’s vision to simplify and secure cryptocurrency transactions across Africa. This provides us with the liquidity we need to serve more businesses and individuals across the continent. They also suggested that this partnership will ultimately increase user trust and accelerate adoption of Ivorypay’s solutions.

A Tether representative also commented on the partnership, saying that the integration of USDT into Ivorypay’s payment system will set a new standard for stability and efficiency in financial services in the region. They stand ready to support IvoryPay’s efforts to create new opportunities for African businesses and consumers.

Previous news from Ivory Pay

In May 2022, IvoryPay offered merchants an alternative to receiving and receiving payments via cryptocurrencies, with the aim of mitigating traditional banking fees and currency fluctuations. Running on the Solana blockchain, the company facilitates bank-free transactions, lowering costs and increasing transaction speeds. Its ecosystem includes a payment gateway for seamless transactions, NFT sales, and staking, an NFT storefront, and the IVRY token.

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