Malaysia is poised to become a clean renewable energy powerhouse, industry insiders say

KUALA LUMPUR (April 22): Malaysia is poised to become a clean and renewable energy powerhouse in the Southeast Asia region, with power demand increasing, especially due to the rise of high-tech industries, industry sources said. Ta.

Speaking at a forum entitled “The Future of Clean Energy” at the 2024 KL20 Summit, OCI Holdings Chairman Lee Woo-hyun said that the strategic geographical location, rich potential human capital, and Malaysia are attractive for energy investment. We have highlighted several factors that make it a popular destination. Beneficial policies adopted by the government.

Mr Lee highlighted Malaysia’s stability amidst geopolitical tensions and emphasized that Malaysia is an attractive option for industry players who want to ensure the security of their supply chain networks.

“Malaysia’s neutral position in geopolitical tensions has proven beneficial. Therefore, the country has great potential for clean energy investment.” he said.

However, Mr Lee pointed out that for Malaysia to realize its full potential, it needs to focus on developing the skill sets of its workforce, adding that it needs to focus on developing the skill sets of its workforce, and that it will need to increase its workforce to meet the demands of clean energy and emerging high-tech industries. He emphasized the importance of training strength.

“The problem is that there is a huge mismatch between the actual skills of some graduates and the skill sets required by companies. There is still a learning curve to close this gap,” Lee said.

Meanwhile, Giorgio Fortunato, Google’s head of clean energy and power for Asia Pacific, who was also a panelist at the forum, said that as tech companies rely on stable, reliable power to operate their data, digital He emphasized the importance of a stable energy environment for economic growth. Center effectively.

“We are currently in a period of transition where many markets in the Asia-Pacific region are establishing new policy frameworks and mechanisms for energy users like us to procure carbon-free energy. “There’s no better way to operate than with clean energy,” he said.

Fortunato added that the tech giant is committed to providing upskilling opportunities to 300,000 Malaysians by 2026. Additionally, it is exploring the possibility of establishing data centers for digital services, accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) innovation and advancing cloud development to strengthen economic competitiveness. The first policy for an AI economy.

He said these efforts are part of the cooperation outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with Malaysia last year, and are part of Google’s broader commitment to help businesses of all sizes grow and become more competitive in the digital economy. This is part of the company’s ongoing efforts.

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