Malaysia to build large-scale chip design park: Prime Minister

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Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced plans to build a large-scale chip design park.

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Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced plans to build a large-scale chip design park.

Malaysian leaders on Monday announced plans to build a massive semiconductor design park, aimed at boosting the Southeast Asian nation’s role in the global chip industry.

Malaysia has been a prominent player in the semiconductor industry for decades, accounting for an estimated 13% of global back-end manufacturing, according to German tech giant Bosch.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said on Monday that the company also wants to move beyond production and emerge as a powerhouse in chip design.

“We are pleased to announce Southeast Asia’s largest IC (integrated circuit) design park, which will house world-class anchor tenants and collaborate with global companies such as Arm,” Anwar said in his speech. said, referring to a major British chip design company. .

He said the park would be located in Selangor, but did not provide details on cost or schedule.

AFP has contacted Arm for comment.

This project will be an important step for Malaysia. Malaysia has long been a center for chip manufacturing, with many facilities located on the northern island of Penang, which has been dubbed the country’s Silicon Valley.

In recent years, tensions between the United States and China over advanced technology, particularly semiconductors, have forced many companies to consider moving manufacturing from China to other countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

The Malaysian government is actively investing in the semiconductor industry, and Anwar said the country should have taken better advantage of past opportunities to grow the sector.

“The fact is that we have missed opportunities in technology investment, which makes it imperative that we restructure our strategy,” he said on Monday.

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