Map: Earthquake shakes eastern Taiwan

Note: Although the map shows areas with a shaking intensity of 4 or higher, which the USGS defines as “mild,” earthquakes may be felt in areas other than those shown. new york times

Two strong earthquakes struck Taiwan’s east coast early Tuesday local time, one with a magnitude 6.1 offshore and another with a magnitude 6.1 a few minutes later near Hualien City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was 0.

The quake struck near the area where a major earthquake earlier this month killed at least nine people and injured hundreds.

The reported magnitude of the earthquake may be revised as seismologists review available data. Additional information collected about the earthquake could also prompt USGS scientists to update the shaking intensity maps.

Aftershocks in this area

Aftershocks are small earthquakes that usually follow a larger earthquake in the same area. Aftershocks are usually small adjustments along parts of the fault that were displaced during the initial earthquake.

Earthquakes and aftershocks within 160 miles

Aftershocks can occur days, weeks, or even years after the initial earthquake. These events can be as large or larger than the initial earthquake and can continue to impact already damaged areas.

Source: U.S. Geological Survey | Note: The shaking categories are Modified Mercalli strength scale. When aftershock data is available, the corresponding maps and diagrams include earthquakes within 160 miles and within 7 days of the initial earthquake. All times above are Taipei time. Shaking data is current as of 2:46 PM ET on Monday, April 22nd. Aftershock data is current as of 4:12pm ET on Monday, April 22nd.

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