Reactions to an article in Digital Nasional Berhad’s Channel News Asia titled “Malaysia’s $1 billion 5G rollout stumbles as deal breaks down between powerful telcos and state-owned carrier”
  • DNB denies allegations, rejects hints of fraud in procurement practices
  • The bidding process involved an independent global professional services firm and 50 experts

Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB), in an article published in April titled “Deal breakdown between powerful telco and state-owned operator stumbles Malaysia’s $1 billion 5G rollout,” News Asia has issued a statement addressing several misleading claims made. It was announced on the 19th of 2024 and subsequently reported in other media.

The article alleges that DNB lacks transparency regarding its internal operations, particularly regarding Ericsson’s 5G network equipment, software procurement, and entering into agreements with third-party vendors for its potentially profitable cloud services platform. he claimed.

In response, DNB strongly denies these allegations and rejects any insinuation of wrongdoing in its governance and procurement practices. The company emphasizes that its bidding and procurement processes adhere to the most rigorous governance standards and best practices.

DNB maintains that it has consistently been open and transparent in its tendering and awarding of contracts, has raised these issues in detail in parliament and in the media, and has repeatedly refuted allegations.

According to DNB, 5G network equipment contracts require a rigorous evaluation process and Ericsson received the highest score in all prerequisites. The bidding process was organized by an independent global professional services firm and included approximately 50 domestic and international experts from 10 countries with experience in 5G network deployment. The process has undergone multiple reviews, including by the Malaysian Cabinet in 2022 and 2023.

Proceedings regarding the share subscription agreements signed with five mobile network operators are ongoing, and while DNB strongly denies any claims to the contrary, confidentiality restrictions prevent it from making any specific comments. As a public utility serving the public interest, DNB emphasizes the importance of verifying published reports based on accurate information.

To accelerate Malaysia’s digital transformation, DNB provides one of the best performing and most reliable 5G networks worldwide, facilitating on-budget deployment and supporting industries, enterprises , reiterates its commitment to accelerating increased adoption of 5G across the nation.

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