Shiba Inu’s Technical Signs Foresee 144% Explosion

Shiba Inu is gearing up for an incredible comeback to an early 2024 high of $0.0000457 (69% upside potential).In a recent technical analysis by leading cryptocurrency analyst Javon Marks, the token’s 9-hour trading price was revealed A hidden bullish divergence indicates the potential for a sharp rise in market value in the coming months. Unlike indicators such as RSI or MACD that indicate when an asset price will form a low, this hidden bullish divergence indicator indicates when an asset price will form a higher low. It is considered a reliable indicator of an asset’s fundamental strength and often precedes significant upside.

The 9-hour price of SHIB (Shiba Inu) is also part of a recent confirmation of a hidden bullish divergence, a sign that could suggest a +69% recovery to the 2024 high ($0.0000457). Yes, and that may have yet to begin. continuation. If we set a larger breakout target of $0.000081, we see enough strength behind the price that it could move up another ~+75% to achieve it.

In addition to the above analysis, experts predict that this may be just the beginning of a longer upward trajectory. With a broader breakout target of $0.000081, Shiba Inu could see an additional rally of around 75% above its previous high in 2024. This means that if both goals are achieved, the total potential growth rate of the token could be an astounding 144% increase.

Shiba Inu L-2 receives technological upgrade

Shiba Inu’s optimistic forecast comes at a time of weak markets and mixed investor sentiment. A combination of market trends and positive news regarding the use of Shiba Inu on various online platforms may be behind the renewed interest and confidence in this token. However, as always with crypto investing, markets are highly unpredictable, and while technical indicators may provide predictions, they do not guarantee results.

Therefore, investors are advised to do their research before investing in the cryptocurrency market. Previously, Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s go-to scaling platform, announced a major update that included enhanced wallet compatibility and a redesigned user interface, promising a smoother, faster, and more accessible experience. The new upgrade, launched under the banner “Revolution in Accessibility: Democratizing the Future”, aims to put a clear focus on the user’s experience and set a benchmark for inclusivity and innovation.

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