UK Home Secretary visits Italy to discuss stopping migrants arriving by boat

LONDON (AP) — The British Home Secretary; James Cleverleyis visiting Italy as part of the British government’s efforts to crack down on migrants arriving in small boats.

Mr Cleverley is scheduled to meet with Italy’s interior minister. Mateo Piantedosiand Italy and Britain will discuss how they can expand their joint efforts to stop North African migrants from making the often dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea, officials announced Tuesday.

We will also visit Cleverly Lampedusa, Italy’s southernmost island that receives the majority of immigrants arriving in Italy. In September, around 7,000 people from Tunisia arrived on the small island in about 24 hours, overwhelming local migrant reception centers.

The visit comes as British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak intensifies his demands for approval from the British Parliament. his plan to deport some asylum seekers to Rwanda;

Mr Sunak signed a deal with the East African country two years ago that would help his deportation plan stop “boats” – small, unseaworthy vessels carrying migrants across the English Channel. He argued that it would act as a deterrent. However, this proposal has been repeatedly blocked by the courts. Judgments and human rights activists say this is illegal and inhumane.

A British official said the UK and Italy were both “world leaders in developing bold and innovative solutions to illegal immigration”.

“While our country is willing to challenge the status quo and tackle problems with innovative solutions, we are fiercely pursuing human smuggling rings,” Cleverley said in a statement.

He said his office made the five-year appointment. Recently agreed agreement between Italy and Albania The move means Albania, which is not part of the European Union, will hold up to 3,000 migrants in two centers in Italy while their asylum claims are processed.

Like Sunak’s Rwanda plan, the deal was widely criticized by rights groups.

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