237.8 Billion SHIB Grabbed by New Whale After Major Shiba Inu Development


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According to the data Shared by Etherscanover a day ago, a recently set up cryptocurrency wallet purchased hundreds of billions of SHIB meme coins.

Whale earns 237.8 billion SHIB

This transaction occurred from an anonymous wallet and could indicate an OTC purchase or a whale distributing its crypto stash among smaller blockchain addresses.

A total of 237,868,630,126 SHIB was transferred to the aforementioned wallet. This amount of meme cryptocurrency is valued at $6,290,435 at the time of this writing.

The acquisition comes after the SHIB team made a major announcement securing $12 million in investment to develop layer 3 solutions on Shibarium. Meanwhile, the SHIB leader revealed the details of his recent multiple trips around the world.

Shaitoshi Kusama talks about her recent mysterious trip

In a recently published tweet, the leader of the SHIB project, also known as Shatoshi Kusama, suddenly revealed why he changed his location multiple times on X/Twitter earlier this year.

He has visited Japan, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, several U.S. cities including New York, Hong Kong, Dhabai, and the Maldives. The SHIB community tracked all these location changes on Kusama’s official X/Twitter handle and pondered what was going on.

Now, Shatoshi announced that he chased his goal of raising funds to build a layer 3 blockchain during his trip. Sybarium is a layer 2 solution built on top of Ethereum, and the new blockchain is based on Sybarium.

SHIB’s head of marketing said in a recent tweet: Lucy explained Benefits that Layer 3 solutions bring to the SHIB community. She said adding her L3 layer on top of L2 is “like putting a cloak of transparency over fast-moving transactions.”

Layer 3 solutions include improved privacy and security (“Adding L3 is like putting a second lock on the door; Lucy says it adds more security features and makes everything more secure. “more secure”), faster and lower-cost transactions, and compliance. Auditors can also check private transactions and many other features. His long-awaited TREAT token, which has not yet been released, will be used on this future blockchain to power transactions, similar to how BONE is currently utilized on Shibarium.

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