Dogecoin Founder: Bitcoin Not Going 10x Right After Halving

U.Today – Billy Marcus, who collaborated with Jackson Palmer to create the iconic meme-inspired cryptocurrency, is known for his sarcastic opinions on what’s going on in the crypto space. I am.

Today, on X/Twitter, he shared his thoughts on the price movement since the halving, contrary to the expectations of many investors and traders.

DOGE Creator’s Trolling Has Disappointed Bitcoin Investors – “What a Scam”

This is the fourth halving ever in Bitcoin’s history, with the block reward being halved from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC, and new Bitcoin generation per day decreasing from 900 BTC to 450 BTC. It has decreased to BTC.

Dogecoin’s co-founder sarcastically wrote that it was “stupid” that Bitcoin “hasn’t already gone up 10x in price after the halving.” He also ridiculed the sources of data about the crypto market and cryptocurrencies frequently chosen by inexperienced investors: TikTik videos, Discord and Telegram chat rooms, and posts on the X/Twitter platform. He even speculated that many disappointed novice investors are starting to think Bitcoin is a scam.

Marcus’ previous “Bitcoin crash” prediction

According to his previous tweets, Marcus has always been skeptical about whether cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are good bets and views them as just a form of gambling. He frequently tweets that no one can predict whether the price of Bitcoin will move up or down, and the most common explanation he cites is that the price goes up because everyone buys, and the price goes up. The reason why the stock price falls is because many traders sell. .

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The day before the halving, Bitcoin jumped about 7%, gaining about $5,000. Since then, BTC has gained 1.85% after a series of small gains and losses.

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