Dubai airport reopens to traffic after record week of rain leaves homes and roads submerged

A week after the storm hit, Dubai International Airport has returned to normal operations as the Emirates continues to dry up rainwater that flooded roads and people’s homes.

After a week of record rains in the emirate, many residents are still submerged outside their homes and cleanup efforts continue in some areas, UAE media reports said. Meanwhile, traffic at Dubai Airport is said to be returning to normal.

A woman living in one of Dubai’s worst-hit residential areas has confirmed that her street is still submerged in knee-deep water, but the municipality announced today, Tuesday, that it will be cleared. We are working on this.

The same woman added: “The first floor of my house is under water and there is nothing left. The furniture is upside down,” she said, adding that authorities had cleared the water completely so they could enter the house and check the situation. He added that he is waiting for it to be released.

Another resident said he had to sleep at a friend’s house after his family left home on a boat. The next night, authorities offered them a hotel, but it was far from her children’s school, so they were eventually forced to rent a nearby furnished apartment.

Large portions of roads, residential areas and industrial areas in the emirate of Sharjah remain under water, according to local residents.

Most roads have opened, life has returned to normal in most parts of the country, and Dubai Airport, the world’s busiest for international passengers, has resumed normal operations.

Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths confirmed in a statement that “Dubai International Airport’s flight schedule has returned to normal routes at a rate of 1,400 flights per day,” adding: “Dubai Airport’s flight schedule has returned to normal routes with 1,400 flights per day. The roads are completely free.” “Our facilities, workforce and logistics are operating normally.”

He explained that since last Tuesday, “2,155 flights have been canceled and another 115 have been diverted.”

Many passengers have not received their luggage since the chaos that occurred at the airport during the storm and in the days that followed.

“A number of challenges remain, including dealing with the baggage backlog,” Mr Griffiths said, thanking travelers for “their patience during this period”.

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