Highest level storm warning issued for southern China’s Guangdong province | Flood news

The Chinese government has issued the highest level of storm warning and evacuated more than 100,000 people as rain continues to fall in southern China.

The Chinese government strengthened its warning on Tuesday as the ongoing storm threatens to worsen already major flooding in Guangdong province. Four people were reported dead over the weekend and 10 people are missing.

Heavy rains have caused rivers in Guangdong province to swell, with state media warning of the risk of “once-in-100-year” flooding.

State news agency Xinhua said 110,000 residents in the province have been relocated since the heavy rains began. Guangdong province is China’s manufacturing hub and home to approximately 127 million people.

When the emergency warning was issued, the coastal city authorities of Shenzhen, China’s third-largest city, said: “Please take immediate precautions and stay away from low-lying areas and other dangerous areas that are prone to flooding.” Stated.

“Beware of heavy rains and associated disasters such as flooding, flash floods, landslides, mudslides, and subsidence,” they warned.

Climate change caused by human-induced greenhouse gas emissions is making extreme weather events more frequent and more intense. China is the world’s largest emitter.

In recent years, China has experienced severe flooding, severe drought, and record heat.

This allowed authorities to respond quickly and resulted in fewer casualties than in previous decades.

In September, Shenzhen experienced the heaviest rainfall since records began in 1952. In the nearby semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong, it was the heaviest rain in about 140 years.

Asia will be the world’s most affected region in 2023 due to climate and weather disasters, with floods and storms being the main cause of casualties and economic losses, according to a report released by the United Nations on Tuesday. .

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