Israel plans to expand ‘humanitarian zone’ if it invades Rafah

The Biden administration has repeatedly urged Israel to refrain from a major military attack on Rafah, including during a virtual meeting last week. During the meeting, U.S. officials evaluated the attack options presented by Israel, the people said, but President Biden’s insistence that those plans coordinate any operations to minimize civilian casualties. He was not convinced that it would meet the requirements. white house statement.

David Satterfield, the US special envoy for humanitarian affairs in Gaza, reiterated the Biden administration’s concerns about Israel’s plans to invade Rafah at a news conference in Washington on Tuesday.

“We cannot support the Rafah ground operation without an adequate, reliable and viable humanitarian plan,” Satterfield said, adding that an invasion would complicate the delivery of relief supplies and have already forced people to flee their homeland multiple times. It warned that civilians being chased could be expelled.

“Where are they going?” he said. “How will their needs be met, including shelter, medicine, water and sanitation?”

According to Palestinians in the area, Almawashi has been attacked by Israeli forces before. Israel accused the militants of firing rockets from al-Mawasi.

“There is no safe place,” said Al Hashi, a medical worker who has taken refuge in Al Mawashi. “I am a person who has no animosity toward Israel or anyone in the world, but there is no guarantee that the building, property, or vehicle next door will not be targeted.”

In Rafah, Rajab al-Shindawi, a second-hand clothing salesman who had evacuated from northern Gaza City, said he felt unsafe as his wife and seven children were crammed into a small tent on the sidewalk.

“The people are all waiting to hear how they will move us,” he said.

michael levenson, Anushka Patil and Lauren Leatherby Contributed to the report.

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