Man fined RM3,500 for threatening to set fire to father’s house

Kuching: A magistrate court here on Tuesday (April 23) sentenced a man to a RM3,500 fine (and 13 months’ imprisonment in default) for threatening to set fire to his 71-year-old father’s house and causing property damage. Ta.

Faizal Tunimo, 37, from Kampung Arjuna, pleaded guilty to two charges before Judge Mason Jaro Lenya Balayan.

He was charged under Section 506 of the Penal Code with intentionally threatening to set fire to his father’s house, and with criminal mischief causing damage, including tearing the curtains of the house, damaging the door and breaking his mother’s flowerpot. He was charged under Section 427. , resulting in a loss of RM400.

The incident occurred at around 7pm on April 17 at their residence in Kampung Arjuna on Penrisen Road.

On the first charge, Judge Mason Jaro imposed a fine of RM2,000 and seven months’ imprisonment for failure to comply. For the second charge, Faizal was fined RM1,500 and sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in default.

Before the incident, Faizal was repairing his motorcycle but could not find the driver.

His father then advised him to search for the items more carefully.

Enraged by the reprimand, Faizal went on a rampage, damaging the door with an iron rod, tearing the curtains, and breaking a flower pot.

He then went to the front of the house and broke his mother’s vase while threatening to set the house on fire later.

Fearing for his safety, the father filed a police report seeking further action, and his son was arrested on April 18.

Inspector Merrilene Lindang Andrew Mangu prosecuted the case, but Faisal was not represented by a lawyer.

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