Man who murdered 76 cats in South Korea sentenced to 14 months in prison

A 20-year-old South Korean man has been sentenced to 14 months in prison for killing 76 cats in one of the country’s most heinous animal abuse cases in years.

“Last week, a man in his 20s was found guilty of violating the country’s animal protection law,” the Changwon District Court in southeastern South Korea announced on Tuesday.

“The man killed the cat between December and September 2023 as a result of his deep hatred for other animals after they started scratching his car,” the court explained.

“He captured a stray cat, adopted another cat from a website, strangled him to death, then killed another cat with scissors. He also killed a cat by running him over with his car,” it added.

The court decided to increase his sentence, finding that he had deliberately committed a series of “cruel and unspeakable crimes”.

She also confirmed that the sentence took into account the fact that “the man had no previous convictions and had expressed remorse for his crimes” and added: “Although she did not specify, the man’s “His mental state was the motive for committing the crime,” he added.

The convicts appealed the sentence, but Seo Bol-ami, director of the International Humanitarian Community Korea Office, said, “This sentence reflects South Korean society’s growing concern for animals and its intolerance for such gross cruelty.” “I do,” he admitted.

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