New Elon Musk and Dogecoin (DOGE) Animation Stirring Major Community Buzz


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A new 1 minute 24 second long animation featuring Elon Musk and Dogecoin (DOGE) is making waves in the cryptocurrency industry as the short clip addresses common concerns about interoperability in the Web3 ecosystem. I’m here.

Posts shared by Lord Governor of Coinuses Michael Jackson’s classic song “Man in the Mirror” to talk about introspection. The song is used as the soundtrack for an animated short with a powerful message for players in the crypto industry.

Musk suffers from insomnia after refusing DOGE

This animation depicts the frustration of users of one platform not being able to trade on another platform due to lack of interoperability. In the clip, Musk notices that the girl was refused permission to pay for cookies using her X-Wallet by a DOGE vendor at a street corner stand.

The incident bothered Musk, who recalled the disappointment the user faced, suffered from insomnia, and acted on the lyrics of his theme song “Man in the Mirror” to try to rectify it. did. With this, at the end of the clip she says that DOGE and X have teamed up and the girl can use her X wallet to pay for the cookies, just as the DOGE meme and mask appear together. A solution will be suggested.

This hints at Musk’s plans to launch a peer-to-peer payment platform and turn X into an all-encompassing app that will be an “app for everything” for users around the world. Plans to integrate payment solutions into X are still unclear, but some have speculated that Dogecoin will be pegged as one of the first supported currencies.

Is a collaboration between DOGE and X coming soon?

In March, U.Today reported how Musk had newly obtained licenses in three states: Illinois, New Mexico, and Oregon, and was making major moves toward accepting virtual currency payments. The move is seen as a major leap forward in realizing Musk’s vision of expanding X beyond Twitter’s original scope as a social media platform.

Analysts say the animated clip speaks to a possible collaboration, given speculation that Musk may be a whale holding more than 36 billion coins. The tech billionaire and meme enthusiast is influential in the cryptocurrency industry as his posts usually move market sentiment.

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