Two Malaysian Navy helicopters collide in midair, killing 10 crew members | Military News

At the time of the incident, the two helicopters were conducting aerial display training at Lumut Naval Base.

Two Malaysian Navy helicopters collided in midair and crashed to the ground, killing 10 crew members.

The Malaysian Navy said in a statement that the two planes collided on Tuesday morning while taking part in an aerial training exercise north of Lumut, where the naval headquarters is located.

One helicopter, an AgustaWestland AW139 Maritime Operations Helicopter (HOM), crashed on the steps of the complex’s stadium, and another, a Eurocopter Fennec, fell near the pool.

The Navy said there were seven crew members on board the Agusta and three on the Eurocopter. All were pronounced dead at the crash scene.

The Navy said, “We will set up an investigation committee to investigate the cause of the incident.”

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim described the incident as a “heartbreaking tragedy” and confirmed an investigation would be carried out.

Videos shared on social media showed several helicopters flying above the stadium and several troops forming formations in the stadium below.

It appears that one helicopter collided with the rear of another before both crashed to the ground.

The helicopter crew was practicing for next week’s Navy Day celebrations, which begin on May 3.

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